Volunteering: Not just for geeks and ex-convicts

Have you ever been sitting at home alone on a Friday night in your dorm, thinking about how you can get more involved with the school, meet new people and make a difference? Yeah, well me neither.

Instead, I was at one of our many pubs raising money for Shinerama, World Vision or Jessie's Journey. I do, and will do, whatever I can to get involved and make this the best year EVER.

As VP of Internal Affairs, I have been given an amazing opportunity this year to be in charge of several different events, pubs and fundraisers. And with each one under my belt, I can confidently say that I will be adding to the next event and many herein after. I have been lucky to be teamed up with a stellar executive team who will take the Student Union to new heights (and several pubs), make new friends and constantly be involved in the things that I live to do.

However, the only reason that I have all these amazing opportunities, great contacts, an excellent resume and a kick-ass year, is because I took 10 seconds to sign up and volunteer.

This year marks the year of opportunity. For most of you, especially those in your first year of college, you have a few buddies, some roomies and that person you always see at the bar and have a drink with. Why not open your opportunities, meet new people and do something that will make mom proud?

Now tons of you out there are going to want to join up with one of our events happening this year, but aren't too sure about how to do it.

It's easy! Just go onto the ‘Fanshawe Volunteer' group on Facebook. This is a group created just to communicate some great ideas, fun events, as well as meeting all the cool people that you worked with at the events. Let's face it, those hotties that you met while begging for change (volunteering for Shinerama) will not remember your name, but they will find you on our group!

On the other hand, some of you may be leaders, and want to assist in running these events, pubs or whatever else. For you I say ‘GET IN THE S.A.C.' The Student Administrative Council is a team of people in charge of each division here at Fanshawe. You will be in charge of getting all your class representative's and their student's word to the board. Also, you can use this opportunity to run events, join events, or just hang out with some kick-ass people on the FSU.

So next time your sitting at home drinking a beer and thinking about how all this goes down, just put down the beer, after you finish it of course, and get out and do it!

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