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F.A.T.S. Knows!

Bonnie Macbean | Peer Tutor Coordinator | News | October 1st, 2007

Peer Tutoring Services

Becoming a Peer Tutor
Are you successful in your program? Are you interested in helping other students with their studies and receiving paid work experience at the same time? If you are interested, visit the Student Success Centre in F2010 to see about becoming a Peer Tutor. Peer Tutors are paid $9.00 per hour and you arrange times that work best for your schedule. All Peer Tutors must have an A or B grade in any course they wish to tutor and must attend a tutor training/ information session.

F.A.T.SReceiving Peer Tutoring
Peer tutoring assistance is one-to-one help with courses you are having difficulty with and is designed to help you obtain a firm understanding of course material.

Peer tutoring is not for cramming before a test or exam, an alternative to attending classes or having an assignment completed for you.

To receive peer tutoring you must first fill out a request form. It's available at the Student Success Centre, F2010. The Peer Tutor Coordinator will match you with a qualified Peer Tutor. Once you have arranged to meet with your tutor, you purchase a contract for $15.00. The contract entitles you to five hours of peer tutoring for a specific course. If you require more tutoring hours after completing the contract, please see the Peer Tutor Coordinator in F2010.

If you received resource or special education assistance previously, you are encouraged to meet with a counsellor to determine if you are eligible for additional academic accommodations and other supports.

The primary focus of the first tutoring session is to:

- Clarify the expectations of the peer tutoring service, the role of the tutor and the needs of the client.
- Identify the academic problem.
- Establish goals and realistic expectations.
- Identify study habits and learning styles.

Suggestions for successful learning with a Peer Tutor:
- Exchange information with your peer tutor about the best way to make contact (for example, by telephone or email). Let your tutor know, in advance, if you are unable to make a session or will be late. Your tutor will extend the same courtesy. If you experience difficulty with your tutoring sessions, contact the Peer Tutor Coordinator immediately.

- Be clear with your tutor about what you are struggling with and ask if they are familiar with the current course material.

- Be prepared to work when you meet with your peer tutor. Bring notebooks, course outlines, handouts, paper and pens. Come with specific questions or problems that you and your tutor can work on.

- Be on time! If you are late, your tutor may leave after waiting fifteen minutes. Missed time will be deducted from your contract.

- Effectively utilize your time by giving your tutor material you wish to work on in advance.

- Organize your notes and handouts in advance of your peer tutoring session.

- Ask your professor for specific information abut upcoming tests and assignments. You may also ask about your standing in the course if you are not sure.

- Space your tutoring sessions so you have time for individual study and attendance in class.

- Don't cram! Peer tutoring is not designed for cramming the night before a test.

For more information regarding Peer Tutoring at Fanshawe, contact Bonnie MacBean, Peer Tutor Coordinator in room F2010, 519.452.4103, or email

Staying in touch
If you decide to move, get a different phone, change your email address, or acquire a new name, please let us know!

An email I check often?
You'll want to know if you get tax credits from going to school, when to come to graduation, or if the Alumni Office has benefits that save you money. If your email address is wrong, or if you've set your junk mail filter to exclude us, you won't hear news that can benefit you.

Current phone number?
We call you when we have urgent information that needs a quick response. If you've lost your campus card and bus pass, and somebody's turned it in, we'll phone. If your phone number is wrong, you might end up paying for things you don't need to.

Updated address?
When you start a new term or a new program, we mail you information. If you've changed your address and you didn't tell us, important mail won't get to you, and you might end up paying for things you don't need to.

New name?
If you change your name while you're at Fanshawe, you must let us know by providing official government documents. Otherwise, your diploma or certificate will be in your old name, and it could make problems for your OSAP. If you're making an easy change, like Macdonald to MacDonald, let us know. We're in E1012.

Important Dates
- October 3 — Last day to apply for OSAP for Fall 2007 term

- October 8 — Thanksgiving Day: college is closed

- October 19 — Mid-term marks on WebAdvisor

Office of the Registrar
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This column is a Student Success Initiative sponsored by Counselling and Student Life Services, Financial Aid and the Office of the Registrar.
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