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Fanshawe grads back in town with Caribou

T.K. Dallman | Interrobang | Lifestyles | October 1st, 2007

In Southern Ontario, nearly a decade ago, Dan Snaith handed a tape to Kieran Hebden (also known as Four Tet) that contained a few of his songs, which were electronic, psychedelic rock compositions of complex soundscapes, multi-layered and heavily mixed. These songs impressed Hebden, and through passing it on to his record label, eventually led to a record deal and the release of Snaith's first full-length album, Start Breaking my Heart under the moniker Manitoba.

Now, several LPs and a name change later (due to a law dispute with Richard ‘Handsome Dick' Manitoba), Snaith continues to write creative music from his home in England, his most recent effort being Andorra.

Andorra has generated a lot of attention in both the independent and mainstream markets, receiving a 91 rating from Entertainment Weekly, 90 from All Music Guide and 80s from both Mojo and Billboard magazine.

Recorded primarily in his small apartment, Snaith's sonically dense recording style of electronic pop has earned him respect as a producer, songwriter and musician.

Now he and his group, which was renamed Caribou after the lawsuit, have been traveling around Europe and North America in promotion of Andorra and will be coming to London on October 1, where they will be performing at Call the Office with Born Ruffians providing support. The band hasn't played here in years, but they are certainly no strangers to this city, as two of the four band members are graduates of Fanshawe's Music Industry Arts program.

Next week will entail a full interview with Dan Snaith regarding his production, life and live show (which includes a two drum-kit setup and animations that accompany the songs!), but as Caribou will be in town before the next Interrobang issue is released, I urge all readers to go check the show out.

Caribou will be on stage with Born Ruffians October 1 at Call the Office. Tickets are $12.50 advance, $15 at the door. Doors open at 9 p.m.
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