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Remember to vote

Margaret Sheridan | Interrobang | News | October 8th, 2007

On October 10, political decision-day, Ontario will head to the polls in order to cast two very important ballots.

The first vote will be as part of the provincial election, where, as in most years, it comes down to the Liberals, Progressive Conservatives and New Democratic Party making things interesting for voters.

The second ballot deals with the Referendum, where you'll get to choose how future elections will be run.

Student's living in residence can vote on election day in R1042 and, like everyone else, must bring ID and proof of residence which can be acquired by going to the front desk in either residence and requesting the information be printed.

Fanshawe students who have not already voted as part of the early balloting on campus can go to nearby John Paul II High School on the corner of Oxford and Highbury Streets between 9 A.M. and 9 P.M. in order to cast their ballot.

Running in the London-Fanshawe riding is incumbent Liberal Khalil Ramal. PC representative Jim Chapman, the NDP's Stephen Maynard and the Green Party's Daniel O'Neail.

Voters must be 18-years of age to vote. If you're not already registered make sure you bring valid photo ID along with proof of residence stating that you live within the municipal riding in which you're voting. Proof of address can be anything from a bill to a pay-stub, as long as it lists your current address.
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