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Finding fashion in magazines

Annette Padyk | Interrobang | Lifestyles | October 8th, 2007

From Glamour to Flare, fashion magazines can give you stylish tips.

Have you ever found yourself standing in Shoppers Drug Mart or Chapters, looking at the massive long aisle dedicated to magazines? At Chapters (located at the plaza across from Masonville place) they have every magazine it seems to offer, even imported ones from the UK and Australia. Okay so you are standing there, the plan was to purchase a magazine and get out of there, but you don't know even where to start.

First off, most magazines start at $2.99 and those will be the gossip magazines (they too incorporate fashion), In Touch, In Style and then magazines can go up to $9 (imported ones, such as Vogue UK). I live on healthy diet of fashion magazines, so I've pretty much read/bought most fashion magazines once, including men's. I once bought this men's magazine because it had David Beckham on the cover, and I was really shocked as to how stupid I was for thinking fashion magazines were made for women. In this men's magazine (men's GQ) it had advertisements I have never seen before from a brand label. And I totally forgot or/never thought that there is a whole crop of “super male models,” which is quite fun to say.

When I hear the word “Supermodel” I immediately think of Kate Moss or the gorgeous Victoria Secret models, like Gisele BŁndchen and Naomi Campbell. So, fellow fashion readers broaden your horizon and purchase a man's fashion magazine, not to be confused with other men's magazines.

My favourite magazines are Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, Flare (its Canadian!) Z!nk and W. Also Elle Accessories magazine, which comes out three times a year.

Elle Accessories is pretty much a magazine with the latest purses, jewelry, shoes and belts. You may have noticed that I left out Vogue magazine. I left it out because I find there is too much essay-style writing in it. I personally prefer a magazine with more pictures and easier style writing. Teen Vogue does the trick, for the magazine also employs those girls from the reality show “The Hills.” Teen Vogue promotes personal style, which is awesome. Vanity Fair magazine always feature great articles on celebrities, but the rest of the magazine is more altered towards a mature crowd with lots of political writing.

Glamour magazine I think is most directed at college students. Glamour covers everything from fashion, nutrition, relationships and women's stories from around the world. Harper's Bazaar has the best pictures when it comes to accessories, which I love! Harper's Bazaar has pictures explaining everything like how women of a certain age (20-50) should/can dress. Z!nk magazine is quite hard to find, but the editorials are amazing so out there and fabulous. W magazine will really challenge a celebrity and will make them step outside of their comfort zone. Did anyone see the cover with Ellen DeGeneres? Ellen had dark make up on that brought out her ice blue eyes and they styled her hair in a feminine mohawk. She looked gorgeous! W also sets up a daring/ controversial photo spread of a celebrity, like the fake family photo album of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, which was published right after the very public break-up of Pitt and his then wife Jennifer Aniston.

I generally don't buy magazines because of what they advertise on the cover. If you do, make sure you check in the magazine and find the article because many times it may only be a couple of sentences. Whichever magazine you choose to pick, you can't go wrong.
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