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Cross-country teams prepared for provincials

Margaret Sheridan | Interrobang | Sports | October 8th, 2007

It's just past the midway point of the cross-country season, and the Fanshawe cross country team has high hopes that both the men's and women's squads will be making it to the Nationals.

“The boys are really hoping to get to the Nationals,” said Nicole Martin, the team manager. “And they're in a good place right now to get there. The girls just need to step it up a bit more though.”

The provinces' top three teams will find out during the provincials later this year as to whether they've made it to the Nationals, which are being held in Grand Prairie, Alberta on November 9.

“The team's been extremely competitive,” said John Mason, a Construction Engineering student who is in the middle of his third season with the men's team. “We've medaled at every single meet and it's looking pretty good for us now for a provincial medal, and hopefully a chance at the Nationals.”

The men's team is hoping to win it's provincial title back after a controversial mistake at last years tournament gave the title to Humber College.

“There was an error on the course,” explained Mason. “That sent our pack the wrong way at the provincials last year, (and) basically ended up costing us the championship. (But) we're a real close group, we push each other in practices and motivate each other, it's a great group, so I think we have a very good shot.”

“We're getting better and better,” continued Sarah Vandonk, a student in the Dental Assisting program and first-year member on the women's team. “I think we're pretty much where we're supposed to be, we'd obviously like to be a little bit more secure, but as the year goes on, we'll progress.

“You don't necessarily want to win the first race, it's that last race you really want.”

“There are two more races and then the provincials are in Kingston this year,” said Martin. And that's when they find out if they qualify for the Nationals or not.”

The teams' next race is on October 13 at St. Clair College in Windsor.
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