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Project LEARN is in full effect and will be until the end of October

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | September 8th, 2008

Thousands of students are about to encounter yet another school year. A new school year should be about new experiences and a chance at a fresh start.

Many students expect exactly that, but things may not always be as rosy as one presumes them to be.

Project LEARN will once again be monitoring the city of London in order to ensure students and residents safety in all neighbourhoods.

Project LEARN (Liquor Enforcement and Reduction of Noise) are all set for the school year and will be targeting areas in and around Fanshawe College, Western University and the downtown core.

Project LEARN has been involved with London communities since 2005 and hope that this year will be a successful one.

Constable Amy Phillipo advises students that new prevention measures are in full force and anyone who does not abide by the rules will face consequences.

“In preparation to Project LEARN, London Police have been in contact with Fanshawe College about preventable measures that both participated in to ensure the safety and well being of all students and residents living within our community,” said Phillipo. “Among the many proactive things that have been done to date, has been garbage removal by the city of London.”

Every year there is an extreme amount of garbage that piles up in streets. Last week Fleming Drive partiers used the excess garbage as an opportunity to set fires and caused potentially life-threatening situations for bystanders and themselves.

“Do not put your garbage out, unless it is the day of,” advised Phillipo.

Whether it's the setting of fires, or students having bigger than average parties at their residences, Phillipo assures the communities that “certain things will surely be addressed as they come up.”

Not every detail can be handled in one day, and that is why steps are being taken to ensure everything is covered and in the appropriate manner.

As more and more student bodies pile into the halls of both Fanshawe College and UWO, the numbers are expected to go up this coming fall with the amount of tickets handed out by London Police.

In the past school year, an astounding 40 per cent of tickets that were handed out were not to students at either post secondary institutions.

Despite the predicted parties, both Fanshawe and Western are working with police to make for a smooth transition into the new school year.

“We encourage students to be a positive part of the neighborhood,” said Phillipo. “The important thing is to be responsible and treat your neighbours as you'd want your family to be treated.”

When throwing a party this coming school year, Police warn students to not advertise their private gatherings with the rest of London.

Once the word gets out, everyone will be knocking on your door saying they want in.

“Keep private affairs, private.” said Phillipo.

The special team of COR Unit police officers will be made visible to students.

“They want to be visible and show presence,” added Phillipo. “They will be in uniform.”

The officers will be patrolling the college and surrounding area until the end of October.
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