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Fanshawe students take a shot at hockey theme

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | Lifestyles | September 8th, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new

During the 2008 NHL playoff season CBC's Hockey Night In Canada lost the rights to air their infamous theme song, which had been chiming in the background of the show since 1968.

One musician's loss is another musician's gain, and two Fanshawe students jumped, or sang, at the chance to make history when CBC asked Canadians to produce their version of the Hockey Night In Canada theme.

Nick Doyle, a third year manufacturing engineering student at Fanshawe College along with second year Music Industry Arts student, Bret Killoran, might just be the new talent all of Canada is anxiously waiting for.

“I saw it advertised on CBC,” admitted Doyle, of first hearing about what might be the ultimate chance at exposure for him.

It was at that moment Doyle's journey began, to compose a fresh new theme song for Canada's most beloved sport. Hockey!

In a recent news release that was posted on the website of Copyright Music and Visuals quoted the company's president as stating that CBC's license agreement for the original hockey theme song ended at exactly the same time as the Stanley Cup final.

“I have to do this,” said Doyle about instantly knowing writing a new theme song was something he had to take part in. “I wrote the lyrics and the music together so they would blend well.”

As Doyle was working on his potentially great new theme song he needed to find someone who would make his dream into reality. Bret Killoran just happened to be at the right place at the right time when the two bumped heads and started composing together.

“I was almost ready to give up,” admitted Doyle (before finding the help of Killoran).

Working side-by-side, the pair finished the theme song in a matter of a few weeks and is proud of their accomplishment.

“I am proud that I followed through on something I really wanted to do,” added Doyle.

The deadline for theme song entries was August 31 and the pair is determined to have their Hockey Night in Canada theme song heard by anyone who watches hockey. According to CBC, the national broadcaster received 14,685 submissions to their Anthem Challenge.

It has been reported Canadian music legend Randy Bachman even submitted an entry.

The winner of the contest will receive a $100,000 royalty. In addition to the cash prize, 50 per cent of online sales and listening privileges will go to the rightful owner of the song. The winner will be announced October 4.

When asked if money is the most important aspect of entering this contest, Doyle happily replied, “It is not about the money, as it would be nice though to help take care of my school debt.”

It is pure to hear of someone who is dedicated to composing music, and realizing that no dollar amount can determine one's true passion.

Doyle wanted to thank-you Killoran for his dedication to the project.

“He does this as a business, and not just a hobby. He is a professional in my opinion and he did me a very huge favour regardless if the song makes it. I want him to get more exposure,” added Doyle.

If you are interested in hearing the possible new theme song for Hockey Night in Canada, click on the following link:
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