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Off campus partying escalates, charges increase

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | September 15th, 2008

A mass email to students from administration sparks behaviour reminder

The first couple weeks of school have not gone in a direction that was anticipated by many.

Fires, noise complaints, urinating in public, are just a few of the main problems occurring in and around the city of London.

Since August 29 officers laid a total of 685 Provincial Offence Act charges and By-law offences and 31 Criminal Code Charges. Of those 685 Provincial Offence Act charges laid, 505 were students and 180 were non-students.

Of the 31 Criminal Code charges laid, 18 were students and 13 were non-students. Over the two-week time frame Police were called to 11 Fire calls.

For example, in the criminal code charges two were for breach of court-imposed conditions for the accused, Brian Cooper, in the alledged sexual assault that took place on Fanshawe property. In that case an 18-year-old victim was pushed up against a wall and fondled by the accused; expulsion of the accused is pending to further investigation.

An act involving animal cruelty happened in the Farnsborough Crescent area where London Police observed a male chase a cat across a number of lawns.

A 19-year old, non-Fanshawe student was charged with one count of Injure an animal contrary to the Criminal Code and one count of being intoxicated in a public place contrary to the Liquor License Act.

Another incident involved a student who's left orbital bone was fractured as a result of a struggle with London Police, which the Special Investigation Unit (SUI) have been called into investigate.

In the spring of this year Fanshawe College updated the Student Code of Conduct, which clearly lays out a Fanshawe students' roll on and off campus.

All Fanshawe students were reminded of their rights according to the Code of Conduct last week when Fanshawe's Marketing department mass emailed all students a three page document detailing the changes.

The College advised its students that it is very important that students are not only aware of their rights and responsibilities under the Student Code of Conduct, but demonstrate their contributing role in the college community and beyond.

The Code of Conduct's Student Responsibilities section clearly states:

Conduct which adversely affects the right of a member of the college community to use and enjoy the College's learning and working environment and facilities or that adversely affects or threatens to affect the health, safety, and rights of a member of the college community may result in disciplinary sanctions.

"As a matter of off campus, a handful [of incidents] are being looked at in respect to the code," said Fanshawe College Manager of Marketing and Communications, Emily Marcoccia, who added that no decisions have been made on any specific cases, including the case involving Fanshawe students Brian Cooper and Joseph Lamanna, who have been charged with sexual assault that occured in one of the college's student residence last week.

"The biggest difference is that we now have a single person making decisions," Marcoccia said, referring to the newly appointed student-community relations' officer, Lisa Dennis.

According to Marcoccia, all inappropriate student behaviour will be investigated by various college administration and Dennis, who last week began conducting door-to-door visits with students in and around the Fleming Drive area.

"We didn't create the Code of Conduct to in any way, shape or form to get rid of students," explained Marccocia. "We built a system based on people having the ability to change, do better, be better."

"I think the police have said zero tolerance in relation to Project LEARN and the [college] stands up and supports that," said Marccocia. "I don't believe the college believes [student behaviour] is out of control…

"The college believes if students are coming to Fanshawe just to party, we don't want them at the college or in the city."
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