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Tuning into the new “Designer Guys”

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | Lifestyles | September 22nd, 2008

Who says there is nothing to watch on television midday during the weekdays?

Former “Designer Guys” Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman are back.

Having recently been viewed by millions in 17 countries on the Home and Garden Network, the “Steven and Chris Show” will now appear on CBC weekdays at 2 pm.

The pair believe the second season of the new show is “going to be better than ever.”

“Steven and Chris Show” has been toted as a “lifestyle” show of the present presenting a vast number of topics. They have everything from entertaining, cooking, fashion, health and their specialty home décor. With such a line-up, there is always going to be something interesting to talk about.

Steven and Chris' witty and entertaining attitudes will have audience members laughing in their seats.

This will be the fourth television series that the twosome has hosted together over the years.

They are greatly known for their first show, “Designer Guys” that aired for three seasons. The purpose of that show was to go into someone's space and revamp his or her décor. Shortly after that the pair had their spin off show named “Design Rivals.” The premise of that show had the two competing to win a client by offering up to two different scenarios to choose from. Whatever the client chose, the pair had to fulfill their request and carry out with the chosen design.

Deciding to venture out and try something new, the duo hosted “So Chic,” which saw them moving away from their design roots and instead overhauled innocent women by showing them how to be chic while doing so on a budget.

“We're very excited to be going back to our roots. This is going to be a very good season for us,” admitted the pair while on set September 11.

Steven and Chris have finally made it onto a mainstream network with the CBC. This is the first daytime talk show ever to be hosted by not only one, but two openly gay men.

With Steven and Chris's huge personalities, CBC is sure the “Steven and Chris Show” is going to be a great hit amongst viewers of all ages.
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