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Beer: The cupid of a drunk night

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | Opinion | September 29th, 2008

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You're better looking when I'm drunk!

Does drinking enable you to find the opposite sex more sexually appealing?

Have you ever found yourself talking with someone while you were a little ‘tipsy' that on a regular occasion you would never even do a double take on?

You're out with your girlfriends and all of sudden a boy approaches you unexpectedly. Once it is evident you are not yourself completely, you may start talking to this complete stranger that regularly you might just ignore.

This is when you turn to your friends and ask,” Is he hot? Is he ugly? I just can't tell,” said Tabitha who has asked us to refrain from using her last name.

If that's the case than you must have your beer goggles on. Either that or it was extremely dark where you were.

According to a research conducted in London, England, which surveyed 84 heterosexual college students, ‘beer goggles' due in fact exist and are making other people more attractive if we have indeed been drinking.

The study involved the scientist giving the participants chilled lime-flavored drinks that were either virgin or had a shot of vodka equivalent to a large glass of wine or a-pintand- a-half of beer.

Approximately 15-minutes after consuming the drinks, the students were shown photos of 40 other college students from both sexes.

The men and women who drank the booze found these strangers more appealing.

“There was roughly a 10 per cent increase in ratings of attractiveness,” explained experimental Psychologist at the University of Bristol in England Marcus Munafo.

It was in this same research that scientists asked the willing participants to rate their moods.

The scientists have indicated that there were no reported differences on those measures in the alcohol group compared to those who were drinking non-alcoholic beverages.

So is this a reality or only a myth? Does drinking to a certain extent make us see people as more appealing and attractive?

The study has proven to be accurate and it is in fact true that ‘beer goggles' are apparent while out drinking and socializing amongst peers.

Munafo has made it clear in his study that “everyone knows about beer goggles, but there may also be other factors going on.”

The lab has also made a discovery that while a person decides to drink, it may not only be the opposite sex they find more appealing while intoxicated.

The study revealed that a person might also comment on a member of the same-sex. This is not to say our minds will wander if we find the same sex attractive, only that we are comfortable with our own sexuality that we don't care to mention if someone is hot or not.

Regardless, beer goggles are proven to be an effective technique. So next time you go out and plan on drinking and talking to randoms, “take a picture so the next day if he calls, you'll have a clearer image of whom you talked to last night and if he's worth answering the phone for,” added Tabitha.
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