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Getting spooked in London town

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | Lifestyles | October 27th, 2008

If you are into horror and getting spooked, London has lots to offer this Halloween season.

- The Eldon House, London's oldest homestead located west side of Ridout Street North south of Dufferin Street, is believed to be haunted by a British Army officer whose ghost appeared at a ball minutes after he drowned in the Thames River just below the grounds of the house.

- H.B.Beal Secondary School, on Dundas Street, students and teachers fear that someone follows them down the hall on the third floor. When they turn around, no one is there. Some students and staff also have claimed to see an old woman who walks up and down the halls on the same floor.

- The Grand Theater on Richmond Row was at one time owned and operated by Ambrose Small in 1901. On December 19, 1919, he simply disappeared. His ghost now haunts the backstage of the theater.

- Station Keg Steakhouse also on Richmond Row is now a restaurant, but used to be at one point a railway station. The staff there sees an image of a tall man late at night. The man appears to be harmless and has a tendency to disappear after you look at him. In the basement on the other hand, fog appears out of nowhere, and there are reports of people staring at you from around the corners. When you look to see who's staring at you, no one is present.

- London's Old Jailhouse is said to be haunted. Peg Leg Brown who was hung in the jail haunts the place till this day.

- Local actors get into the spooky part in downtown London in the Lost Souls Stroll until Oct 31, departs at 8 pm. More info and tickets at
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