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Music to move your mind, raise GPA

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | November 24th, 2008

If someone told you that listening to music could make you smarter, would you believe them?

iMusic, a series of CDs that claims to increase your GPA just by pressing play, has been on the market for several years, but is now making their product available at the Fanshawe College Computer Store.

“There will be four different modules readily available for sale to students,” said Heather Buckingham, a Sales Representative at the Fanshawe College Computer Store.

Selling at $29.99 per disc, iMusic is confident they will make a believer out of an ordinary student.

“iMusic includes an outstanding performance. It will increase a students' GPA by a full letter grade while improving their study habits,” said Taylor Wilson, a representative from Volition Thought House that produces iMusic.

According to iMusic, their product is the world's most powerful audio brainwave entertainment technology that is available today.

The way the iMusic technology works is by releasing a high tech sound scape, that when listened to, broadcasts acoustical stimulants into a person's ear and sensory cortex, which in turn creates distinct imprints onto your brain.

“The technology in iMusic activates listeners' neurons with much greater intensity,” said Wilson. “The human brain will grow stronger over time.”

iMusic will give your brain a vigorous workout. It has taken years to perfect something so small yet so extraordinary that it willmake a believer out of a typical skeptic.

Centuries of research in scientific fields have gone into iMusic. Currently there are about 50 corporations worldwide who use iMusic with their employees to better enhance creative levels in the brain and also to improve productivity within a company.

Why the need for iMusic?

Of course our brains know how to operate themselves and are efficient perfectly on their own. So why is it that our brains need assistance from time to time? Well, the majority of society takes aid with exercise books and personal trainers so why not get help with making our brains work better for us. There is so much potential in all of us, so why not make little enhancements where the brain may need it the most.

iMusic representatives will be on campus on Tuesday November 25 from 10 am - 2 pm in front of the computer store to discuss iMusic and all its advantages.
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