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Students help out charities

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | November 24th, 2008

Fanshawe College students and local communicators of London are teaming up this holiday season to enlighten youth in the Children's Aid Society and promote Art for AIDS.

Since 2000, International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) have partnered with Fanshawe College to host their annual luncheon and gift drive for CAS.

The Children's Aid Society of London and Middlesex (CAS) is a non-profit organization that protects children from physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect. The agency is currently one of 53 children's aid societies in Ontario that keep children safe, help parents build healthy families and provide safe and nurturing environments for children and young people who at present do not live at home.

The event will be taking place on November 27, from 12 to 1:30 pm at One Restaurant and Lounge, and has given students from Fanshawe's Corporate Communication and Public Relations program real hands-on experience planning an event.

According to Nathalie Noel, a Communications Director at IABC, this annual event is a means of letting young people from the Children's Aid Society know that they are not forgotten during the holiday season.

“This event is win-win-win,” said Noel.

“Not only do the Fanshawe students get the chance to get hands on experience with event planning, the Children's Aid Society receives presents for their youths in need,” said Mario Campos, a student leader of Media and Promotions at Fanshawe.

Children especially need to feel loved and cared for throughout the holiday season and to feel alone “is not something we wish for anyone,” Noel said.

The IABC has the opportunity to once again provide development and networking opportunities and also strengthen the field of communicators through events such as the luncheon and the annual toy drive for children in need.

“The IABC started organizing the gift drive 20-years-ago and donating to children,” said Noel. “Gifts are donated from IABC members and supporters but anyone who is interested in donating is encouraged to help out.”

Fanshawe students are big contributors to a really big cause.

“We appreciate the time Fanshawe students put into the event and also our members who do so annually,” said Noel. “We should all feel good about giving back to the community.”

Donations towards CAS can be made several ways.

Gifts are to be made available for youth between the ages of 12 — 18.

When registering to purchase a gift, please provide your full name, your mailing address, contact number, email and please indicate if your gift is for a male or female.

The luncheon will feature a turkey buffet, networking opportunities and a presentation by J.P. Bervoets the Youth and Development Coordinator for Art for Aids.

“He will be speaking about ART for AIDS,” said Campos. “ART for AIDS International is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for those most affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, specifically the women and children of sub-Saharan Africa.

J.P. Bervoets's father, the founder of ART for AIDS, Hendrikus.

Bervoets has traveled to various countries including South Africa and Mozambique to help facilitate workshops with young people and has seen the transformative power this process has with children suffering as a result of poverty, or orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS.”

According to Campos, registration is $25 for students and you must register by November 24th at 4 pm.

For further registration information visit

Unwrapped gifts can be donated at the luncheon or you may contact Fanshawe student Sarah Hughes, who is leading the toy drive at
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