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Humble MIA prof honoured

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | December 1st, 2008

“If you think you have come to an end, try a little bit harder.”

Advice from Kevin Doyle, a second year Music Industry Arts Teacher at Fanshawe College, who tells all his students when it comes to pursuing a dream and not giving up. Although Doyle, a world-renowned sound engineer and record producer, has won several Juno and Gemini awards he continues to remain modest about his profession and where in the world it has taken him.

He is even modest about recently being awarded the 2008 Premier Award for his contributions in Creative Arts and Design.

Teaching at Fanshawe for the past five years, Doyle cannot help but imagine where he would be today without the encouragement and guidance of his mentors as a young MIA student himself in the ‘70s.

“I am really happy with my experience in the program and very happy with the time and dedication faculty took with us (students),” said Doyle.

Since graduating from the program in 1979, Doyle admitted he would not change a single thing in the program due to its successful track record.

“I would not ruin a good thing by changing the course outline,” admitted Doyle.

Along with his teaching methods, Doyle has many attributes he brings forth for his students in order to succeed.

“Kevin brings his current professional practice into the teaching studios and demonstrates the style and expertise which has made him so valuable to the music industry,” said Greg Murphy, Chair of the School of Contemporary Media at Fanshawe College. “His learning environment mimics his working environment and allows the students insight into the inner workings of a professional recording studio.”

The Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College educates students in all relevant aspects of the contemporary audio industry. The program thrives on preparing motivated, and focused individuals who endure a professional attitude, which is required once graduation is upon them. The program approaches manners in a hands-on fashion, with professional media professors and recording facilities that are exclusively available for MIA students. The course curriculum includes functions of digital and analog consoles, digital recording, QuickTime video interlock and basic video editing, MIDI and loop based recording and sequencing, analog/digital production techniques, contracts, sales and promotion music publishing, copyright, arranging, music theory, ear training, creative audio production techniques, studio operation and management. Theory and practical applications are also present in the MIA program.

According to Doyle, the faculty of the MIA program spends a lot of time with students assuring they receive a hands-on approach to the realties that are to come after completing the program.

The MIA program staff wishes for nothing but success for their students.

According to Doyle, out of every 100 students the program accepts, only about two or three do not make it come graduation.

Amongst other things, Doyle has maintained humble in pursuing his true passion with music and teaching his students to be the best of his abilities.

Before receiving the Premier Award, Doyle admitted to having never heard of the award and believes it should acknowledge the students who graduated and went into the industry they graduated with.

“I think the award should go to my mentors,” said Doyle.

“Kevin has been honoured so often by every agency imaginable including the Alumni Association that he has no need to blow his own horn,” admitted Murphy. “His constant reference to the work of others is evidence of his generous spirit, which is why and how he has become such a good teacher.”
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