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Classroom evolution 101

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | January 12th, 2009

If you are not savvy enough in the tech department, Fanshawe can teach you

Fanshawe College is kicking off its winter term with some exciting new continuing education workshops for those willing to try something new and handy perhaps?

The three new workshops are from the computer sciences curriculum, which includes “Blackberry 101” taught by Brody Lavoie, “Podcasting 101” taught by Michael Whickett and “Facebook 101,” which will be taught by Nora Black.

These newly designed workshops will enable students to learn about technology in a way that has not been attempted in previous years. The classes will enhance a person's ability to grasp today's ever-changing technology in ways that will help establish a better sense of how much our technology has evolved.

“Podcasting is becoming an important media channel, with two major classes of content creators,” said Whickett. “Podcasts from media outlets like CBC, TSN or ESPN which allow listeners to consume media that they might otherwise miss over traditional broadcast channels…the second major class of content creators are the amateur or semi-professionals. Podcasting allows anyone to reach a large audience with their message, whether they are a national broadcaster or a single person in a home office.”

As technology advances, so do our choices in communication. Social networking, online news resources and telecommunications are just some of the examples of how our choices have evolved, which makes our new socialization extremely different than our parents generation. Whether it is with our family or friends, we stay connected through technology.

“Facebook 101 is an In-A-Day Workshop offered through Fanshawe's Continuing Education division,” explained Black. “The course is being introduced in light of the surge of social networking that is currently taking place and will expand in the future.”

Facebook is a social networking website that was launched on February 4, 2004, as most students know. It is a site that is free of charge to use and users can join as many networks as they are comfortable with joining.

“It will teach the dos and don'ts of social networking, how to navigate the social networking tool and create a web presence on the Internet,” said Black. “Individuals will learn to connect with long-lost relatives, friends and co-workers and to leverage their career by connecting with individuals who work, study and live around them.”

Professors of the newly introduced workshops are optimistic that students will partake in these opportunities introduced by Fanshawe.

If you are a person with a passion for learning and gaining extensive knowledge of our ever-changing technology, these classes are just the fit for you.

New courses are as follows:

Blackberry 101 In-A-Day, Saturday Feb. 7- Feb. 7 Time: 9am-4pm

Podcasting 101 In-A-Day, Saturday Feb. 28-Feb.28 Time: 9am-4pm

Facebook 101 In-A-Day, Saturday Mar. 7-Mar. 7 Time: 9am-4pm

Cost for individual classes listed is $200.
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