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Have a heart

Rachel Oakes | FSU VP External & Academic Affairs | Opinion | February 9th, 2009

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In case you have not yet noticed, Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Of course you've noticed, stores have been plastered with red and pink plastic hearts and singing, plush gorillas since the day after Christmas.

Whether you are the type that wears your heart shaped earrings and gives out Hershey kisses and those little heart candies with the cute messages on them to all your friends every February 14, or if you are the type that hates Valentine's and are currently listening to Alanis Morissette's “You Oughta' Know” and want to puke every time you see someone wearing red and pink together, or somewhere in between, I think you can still appreciate Canfar's “Have a Heart” Campaign.

It all started a few weeks ago when I found 800 condoms, packs of gum and tiny plastic bags sitting on my desk, at first I thought I was in for a hell of a weekend, but then I remembered that I had agreed to help Canfar raise money for AIDS research by selling “Heart'O'Grams.”

“Heart'O'Grams” sell for a dollar each and contain a pack of Dentyne Ice, a condom, a red ribbon and an AIDS information pamphlet all wrapped up in a little plastic baggy (which is a pretty good deal considering a pack of Dentyne Ice by itself costs over a dollar). For the next few days, “Heart'O'Grams” will be sold in Forwell Hall at noon to raise money for the Canadian Foundation for Aids Research (Canfar).

The “Heart'O'Grams” even have a gift tag on them in case you wanted to give it to someone for Valentine's (hey, nothing says romance like gum and condoms and good, solid AIDS information). Of course, nothing is stopping you from keeping it for yourself either, the important thing is that you buy it to raise money to help find a cure. So buy a Heart'O'Grams for Have a Heart (the condom is incase you have a heart on…hey-o!).
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