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You can learn the tricks of the pole trade

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | Lifestyles | February 9th, 2009

Get those six-inch heels ready ladies

Want a fun ladies night out that may or may not include learning some new tricks on a pole?

The instructors of Aradia, a pole dancing and sensual fitness facility, will be at Fanshawe College Thursday February 12 to teach women, and women only, how to love their bodies while incorporating dance.

“We're coming to Fanshawe to provide a fun sexy night,” said Andrea Tierney, owner of Aradia Fitness in London and Kitchener-Waterloo. “We know that college women deserve to feel sexy and have a great time. We think this will be a fun girls night just before Valentines Day where girls can come and learn some moves, but have a great night out with their friends!”

According to John b. Young, Operations Manager at Fanshawe College, the event begins at 8:30 pm and goes until 10:30pm. Those who participate can also be assured that this event is for females only and windows at the Out Back Shack will be blacked out for further privacy.

Doors open at 10:30 pm for the general public for a regular scheduled Valentine's Day pub.

Aradia studio is proud to be the first pole dancing for fitness studio in Canada and is now offering instructor training programs also available in the USA.

“Pole dancing is something that anyone can learn how to do, and the great thing is that most people have never tried it before, so our classes grow together,” Tierney noted. “We offer many different options for different fitness levels as well. We have classes specifically designed for flexibility, co-ordination and strength.”

Many areas of dance will be covered at this special event.

“In terms of the program for that evening we will be teaching three things in different groups,” Tierney said.

The first being sensual movement, where girls will be learning a series of sensual dance moves that they will be using later in the other sections planned for the evening.

Another element of the event is lap dancing, where women will partner up and learn a fun sexy lap dance routine.

There will also be four poles set up in the Out Back Shack and each girl will learn a series of moves on the pole resulting in a mini routine that she can perform, including a spin.

No matter your body shape or size, every female will gain experience, which in turn is guaranteed to make her a more self-aware and confident woman.

“Aradia offers classes for all women, ages and body types. The classes incorporate a physical fitness element by teaching women strength, flexibility, co-ordination, rhythm, and flow, all by ways of pole dancing and sensual movement. Strong group bonding, encouragement, and support achieve emotional benefits. By performing the moves taught in the classes, participants gain self-esteem, confidence, and improved body image. Our classes are an exciting way to exercise, have fun and feel sexy,” added Tierney.

So come out and learn all the benefits of dance while gaining a better sense of self.

For more information about Aradia Fitness, please visit
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