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3D makes Valentine horror more gruesome

Amber Harwood | Interrobang | Lifestyles | February 9th, 2009

My Bloody Valentine (3D)

Axes, blood, screaming and horrific deaths make this film enjoyable, especially in 3D.

An accident in the local mine leaves several men trapped after a cave in. When rescued, all but one of the men died, murdered in fact. The survivor and suspected killer, Harry Warden, is in a coma and left at the hospital unguarded. Tom Hanniger (Jensen Ackles), who everyone is blaming for the mine accident, goes to a party on Valentine's Day in the old mine with his girlfriend Sarah (Jamie King) and friends Axel (Kerr Smith) and Irene (Betsy Rue). The partiers are completely unaware that Harry has awoken, blaming Tom as well, and is seeking revenge. Harry dresses in his mining outfit and with his axe he slaughters twenty-two people. Tom barely survives as the chief of police shoots Harry just in time.

Unable to cope with what had happened, and blaming himself, Tom had left without saying goodbye to anyone. Ten years later, he returns back to his old town to sell the mine. Hoping for a peaceful and quick visit, Tom tries to make his presence go unnoticed. Unfortunately, people start getting murdered in the same manor that Harry had killed people ten years earlier, only this time their hearts are cut out.

Axel, who is now married to Sarah and has hated Tom all along, is the chief of police and suspects Tom for the murders. However, the rest of the town believes that Harry Warden is back and killing again on his favourite holiday. To make it out alive, every closet must be checked for skeletons, uncovering several people with something to hide, and a reason to kill, on the day of love.

While this movie goes down much like any other horror movie, with its scary scenes and cheesy lines, it has the added bonus of being in 3D. What a difference that can make. While watching, axes get thrown at you, blood gets spurted out, and you really feel like you are in the movie. Feeling like you are a part of the movie really heightens the suspense, making everything more frightening.

Jensen Ackles (“Supernatural”) was amazing. I love him in “Supernatural” and I was so happy when I heard that he had gotten a starring role in a movie. He is very dimensional as an actor and pulls off this role perfectly. I really hope that he will be in more movies in the future.

Kerr Smith (“Dawson's Creek”) and Jamie King (The Spirit) were both good in their supporting roles.

I recommend this movie to anyone who likes horror films and enjoys watching movies that are different. It is a must to go see this movie in 3D, just make sure to sit further back so that the screen isn't blurry.

Final Words: Saw it. Liked it. J ~ Always and Forever, Love A.
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