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Hot or Not: Healthy Foods

Kayla Hurst | Interrobang | Lifestyles | February 9th, 2009


Green's The New Black
Green vegetables are extremely good for you. They are low in calories, and are full of phytonutrients, iron, vitamins A and C and calcium. Talk about healthy! These filling veggies can be eaten cooked or raw, either way; you can still get all of the benefits!

This delicious nut is great for your heart. They are filled with iron, calcium, magnesium, fiber and riboflavin. Like all nuts, they have the best pant sources of protein. They are also great tasting, unlike other “healthy” foods.

This is the perfect food to substitute red meat. It decreases the bad cholesterol and increases the good, because of its protein and omega three fatty acids. Salmon can be personalized in so many ways. So make it your own, and enjoy the fact that you're doing something good for your body.

Health benefits from soy include the prevention of prostate and breast cancer, and osteoporosis. Soy products are the perfect substitute for animal products. There are countless soy products that range from milk, to soy tofu. Try it! You might like it.

Whole Grain
Whole grains have important antioxidants not found in fruits and veggies. You can easily substitute white bread, cereals and pastas for the healthier whole grain. This is an easy move that can make a big difference.


Dried Fruit
Why go for dried fruit when you can get the real thing! Dried fruit have about 175 calories, and real fruit have about 70 calories. Dried fruit goes through a dehydration process, which sucks most of the volume out. That means that you won't get full as easy and you'll eat more.

Granola Bars
I know what your thinking, “I thought these were healthy,” and they are the healthier choice if one of the choices is chips. But, the thing that's holding the bar together is high fructose corn syrup, which can raise blood sugar and over-ride the benefits of the bar.

Breaded Chicken
If you are trying to eat a little bit healthier, then you are probably going to eat more chicken. So go for grilled instead of breaded, especially at restaurants. If you go to a restaurant and asked for breaded, then it will be fried, which obviously isn't good if you're watching your figure.

Bagel and Cream Cheese
A bagel with cream cheese can have up to 700 calories! That is more calories than what a Whopper has, YIKES! The bagel bread itself has 300 calories and 60 carbohydrates. Can you say, figure ruiner?

It's hard to say “no” to butter, so just eat less of it. It was two ingredients that raise cholesterol. So the next time you hit the movies, say no to extra butter.
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