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From backpacks to briefcases

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | February 16th, 2009

Last Wednesday students were more interested in briefcases than backpacks as Fanshawe's J Gym housed the annual Career Fair.

Students attending a variety of programs at Fanshawe College crowded J-Gym with hopes of finding an employer who best suited their specific career choice.

Some students came well dressed with resumes on hand, while others appeared overwhelmed.

There were over 80 employers ready to meet potential employees at last week's career event.

The fair was just one element of Fanshawe's Career Week, which went from February 9-13.

On-site interviews were conducted with hopes of finding a perfect match to fill numerous positions locally and also abroad.

Kellie Remo, a first-year General Arts and Sciences student at Fanshawe College, said she felt quite overwhelmed with all the employers on-site.

“I felt a little discouraged walking into the room at first, but once I figured where I needed to go, I calmed down and did my on-site interview for a possible summer position.”

Career week gives first-hand opportunities for students seeking employment in their chosen sectors while discovering other, but maybe potential jobs.

The future of our economy is at a stand still with students not being 100 per cent about whether to stay in school or take a shot and entering the work force.

Brenden Hill, also a first year student said as of right now he is seeking summer employment and co-op positions, until he graduates from Fanshawe College “which won't be for another few years.”

The event was well organized and students gained valuable knowledge through various vendors on-site during career week at Fanshawe.
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