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Ontario invests in Fanshawe apprenticeships

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | February 23rd, 2009

Fanshawe allotted over $4 million in government spending

Starting fall of 2009, 130 new students in London and Simcoe will have better funded programs to expand their knowledge and skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

London MPP's Khalil Ramal and Chris Bentley, MPP, announced on February 13 new funding for Fanshawe College in the amount of $3,890,000 for the Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship program in Automotive Service Technician, Cook, Truck and Coach Technician in London and Industrial Mechanic Millwright in Simcoe.

The Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship program allows participants to complete a college program and begin training as an apprentice at the same time. Some programs included are business and entrepreneurship courses, which help prepare students if they choose to own their own business.

During the opening speech, Ramal mentioned this funding to be a huge investment for Fanshawe College.

Funding for the Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship Program is part of the $2 billion Skills Jobs Action Plan, which aims at providing Ontarians with a competitive edge by training for tomorrow's high skilled jobs.

“Fanshawe provides opportunities in many different ways and that is why it's not surprising that (Fanshawe) receives most of the funding,” said Bentley. “There is great work done here.”

The program will train potential students towards great careers in their chosen sectors.

According to Bentley, co-op programs give people the opportunities to graduate and have a tremendous amount of skills behind them, which in turn enables students to demonstrate such skills once in a job of their choosing.

A second announcement was also made Friday, February 13 regarding Pre-Apprenticeship programs for students at Fanshawe.

In 2009, the Ontario government will provide $236,415 to Fanshawe College to assist with running a pre-apprenticeship training program in London.

“Fanshawe College is a leader in skilled trades training and this funding is important because having the right technical background paves the way to success in apprenticeship training,” said Ramal.

The program is going to enable up to 25 youth without a grade 12 education to enter into apprenticeships as Auto Body Repairers and Collision Damage Repairers.

According to Rod Cameron, Dean at the Faculty of Technology department, students will be chosen for their pre-apprenticeship program by their academic standing and have to under go an interview process to determine they are the right candidate.

The partners for this project include literacy and basic skills as well as Job Connect.

According to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities more than 110,000 apprentices are learning a trade in Ontario today making it an increase of nearly 50,000 over 2003.

Annual apprenticeship registrations have grown from 17,100 in 2002 to more than 26,000 in 2007.

This is a challenging and difficult time in our country and this investment is going to provide necessary jobs for skilled workers of tomorrow, concluded Ramal.
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