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Basketball season round up

Rozin Abbas | Interrobang | Sports | February 23rd, 2009

On January 23 Fanshawe lost 91-88 to Lambton in a close game. In a February 14 rematch, the Falcons fought back, but that was not the only thrilling win of the game.

The Valentine's Day game ended with a 94-54 score, as the Falcons demolished the Lambton Lions by a whopping 40 points.

Matt Fennell led the charge with 21 points while Jabari Cooper posted a double-double with 17 points and 11 rebounds.

Lambton's David Akelatis scored 40 points in the first meeting with Fanshawe on January 23. In Lambton's second meeting with Fanshawe, Akelatis was held to just 16 points.

Lambton's Rob Pierce contributed 13 points and, with Akelatis, scored more than 50 per cent of Lambton's points.

The game went back and forth with Lambton playing excellent defense until the second period where Fanshawe capitalized on numerous misses and turnovers committed by the Lions. The Lions also got into foul trouble early on into the game giving the Falcons free points from the charity stripe. The game was fast paced showing the Falcons were more conditioned as they began to score on demand.

While the Falcons won the game indefinitely, the refereeing was questionable. Several foul calls made against the Lions were highly debatable, while obvious foul calls against the Falcons were not made. No doubt Fanshawe's tactic of roughing Akelatis early on in the game was a great way of preventing him from having another big game, but several clear cut fouls against Akelatis were not called. Even though the refereeing was ambiguous, there is no doubt Fanshawe thrashed the Lions.

The real star of the Lambton vs. Fanshawe basketball game was actually Andrew McCaulay.

The OCAA Boston Pizza Shoot for Cash Skills Competition picks a fan at the game to hit a layup, free throw, a three-point shot and a half-court shot. If the fan hits all four shots, he or she earns $1,000.

McCaulay lobbed a half-court shot while the entire crowd looked in anticipation. Suddenly the shot banks off the backboard and it goes in. The crowd went absolutely wild. Strange enough, McCaulay is not even on the basketball team.

McCaulay became the third OCAA fan to earn the $1,000 prize as he hit all of his four shots. The other two fans were Fort Erie's Ian MacKinnon and Peterborough's Ruth Holland.

In other news, February 17 marked the Falcons last regular season game when they played against the Mohawk Mountaineers. Fanshawe made quick work of the Mountaineers winning 78-57. With the regular season ending, Fanshawe is tied for second (with Niagara) in the West region with a 14-4 record and ranked sixth provincially.

With the recent set of wins Fanshawe has incurred, they have earned home court advantage in their very first playoff qualifier game. The game will be held on February 21 in the J Gym at 8 pm.

The female Falcons have also earned home court advantage as they play their first playoff qualifier game on February 21 at 6 pm in the J gym.

Fanshawe has earned two great wins last week. First game was against Niagara on February 12 with Fanshawe winning 75-52. Four Falcon players scored in the double-digits as Alison Griffiths scored 20 points, Stephanie Kaspryzk scored 16 points and both Kaitlind Dutrizac and Julia Wolynski scored 15 points apiece.

The final female Falcon's game came against the Mohawk Mountaineers on February 17 by winning 78-50.

With the regular season finished for the lady Falcons and playoffs on the horizon, they finished an astounding third place provincially with a 10-4 record. Only undefeated Sheridan (14-0) and Seneca (13-0) are currently ranked ahead of Fanshawe.

The Falcons also finished with the second fewest points allowed provincially as they only allowed 1084 points. Come and support your Falcons this weekend!
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