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Cooper wins FSU President, voting over 3,000

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | March 23rd, 2009

Elections have wrapped up and the newly elected FSU President, Jabari Cooper, is ready to take on challenges sworn to during campaign week.

“One of my first priorities will be to establish a relationship with the students around campus,” said Cooper.

This year's total number of votes cast was 3,234, surpassing last year's total of 2,882.

The presidential debate on March 16, although not having a huge turnout, did have candidates in the running giving it their all to prove they were the rightful candidate to serve on behalf of the student body.

Cooper had a strong platform that engaged the students in a positive way.

During the debate the foursome listened carefully as each was single handedly addressed to answer important questions regarding specifics about their platforms.

While Nick Austin argued he is the most experienced, having secured a position with the FSU as VP of Finance this academic year, the other candidates presented the crowd with student aimed platforms while keeping students as their first priority.

Judith Grieve was the only candidate with an active website, while Jessica Hicks' platform concentrated on communication as her key priority of her well laid out platform.

Cooper, who is currently in his third year here at Fanshawe, said he would concentrate on awareness of campus programs.

Whether he's playing basketball, attending class or working evenings, as security at the Out Back Shack, the role of President should come as an easy adjustment to him.

Cooper demonstrated a certain demeanour about him during speeches where he appeared calm and collected as he addressed the crowd in a laid back manner. “Fanshawe students can expect that I will work on behalf of them to act as a bridge between the College and the Student Union,” he said.

Aside from having a student-based platform, Cooper wishes to see emphasis placed on programs and clubs already circulating the campus. Existing programs, according to Cooper are great, but he feels awareness to the student body about how great the programs are should be addressed in a more positive way.

“I enjoyed both the speeches and debate and found running for FSU President to be an amazing learning experience,” he added.

Vice Presidents for your 2009 / 10 Academic term are as follow.

With 1714 votes cast, Joe Scalia is your new VP of Finance at Fanshawe. The other candidate running for VP of Finance was Huruy Woldemicael who came in with 1223 votes.

VP Internal went to Kevin McKay. Being the only person running, he had 2,514 people in his favour and 378 students voting against him.

VP External was a very close call between two candidates running. Veronica Barahona was awarded the position of VP External with 1,480 votes, while Rob McGarry came slightly behind with 1,376 student votes.

VP of Athletics was awarded to Sean Coleshill. He had 2,562 students saying they would love to see him as the VP of Athletics and 364 students saying they would not like to see him in this position.

The VP of Entertainment was also a close call. The position went to Andrew Payne with 1473 votes while Phil Laffin came short with 1375 votes.

The Board of Governors seat went to the incumbent Jessica Sweet with 2059 votes, defeating Peter Almedia who garnered 865 votes.

Congratulations to all candidates who participated in this year's election and for those selected who will make the FSU extraordinary in the year to come.

Ballots cast:   3234
COOPER, Jabari   1020
AUSTIN, Nick   969
GRIEVE, Judith   687
HICKS, Jessica   431
Spoiled   63
VP Finance
SCALIA, Joe   1714
WOLDEMICAEL, Huruy   1223
Spoiled   233
VP Internal
MCKAY, Kevin    
YES   2514
NO   378
Spoiled   278
VP External
BARAHONA, Veronica   1480
MCGARRY, Rob   1376
Spoiled   314
VP Athletics
YES   2562
NO   364
Spoiled   244
VP Entertainment
PAYNE, Andrew   1473
LAFFIN, Phil   1375
Spoiled   322
Board of Governors
SWEET, Jessica   2059
ALMEIDA, Peter   865
Spoiled   310
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