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On the football front

Rozin Abbas | Interrobang | Sports | March 23rd, 2009

Contract ripple effect
Free agency and trades have been made recently and it's been causing a ripple effect. Albert Haynesworth just signed an astounding $100 million deal with the Redskins and he will be guaranteed $41 million in the next three years. His deal was affected by Jared Allen, who was signed for $74 million over seven years. Haynesworth's contract now affects other defensive linemen, more specifically defensive tackles. For example, when the Baltimore Ravens want an extension on Haloti Ngata or the New England Patriots want to resign Vince Wilfork, they will have to pay a lot of money for them.

At the moment, the franchise tag for a DT is $6.058 million. This franchise tag number is based on the average salary of the top five players at that position. Since Haynesworth's huge contract will affect other DTs, teams are going to be paying a considerable amount of money to simply franchise tag a player.

Need a QB? Salary cap relief? Make a trade
The Patriots recently traded QB Matt Cassel, who is going to get paid $14.6 million this upcoming season, and LB Mike Vrabel for a second round draft pick to the Kansas City Chiefs. Two ideal things happened in this situation: the Patriots received $14.6 million in salary cap relief and received a draft pick, while the Chiefs now have a definitive starting QB.

There are several teams around the league who need a solid QB. The Arizona Cardinals will probably wait for people to call them for QB Matt Leinart after they resigned Kurt Warner. Leinart has three years left on his contract, and in his third year he will receive close to $15 million. Expect teams like Chicago, Detroit, New York Jets, and Tampa Bay to give Arizona a call for Leinart.

Recently, Jay Cutler, QB for the Denver Broncos, has been asking for a trade, too. And don't forget, QB Derek Anderson from the Cleveland Browns is on the chopping block as well.

Terrell Owens - Cancer or savior?
A lot of people's jaws dropped in awe after the self-indulged Terrell Owens was released from the Dallas Cowboys. The fact of the matter is, not even Dallas could believe they were letting Owens go, but he was cancerous to the team chemistry with his watermelon-sized ego. Many expected very few teams to pick up the hurtful Owens. Think about it for a second: he damaged the 49ers, so they kicked him to the curb. He damaged the Eagles, so they let him go. Now he damaged the Cowboys, so they let him go, too. For arguably the most physically talented wide receiver to ever grace the field, he's been around quite a bit.

Some assumed he has no chance left in the league, but Buffalo signed Owens to a one-year contract. This is actually an intelligent move as Owens has helped the Cowboys and Eagles reach the playoffs with his excellent skills. The Bills now have an incredible duo in Lee Evans and Owens while having the option of not having Owens next year if he continues his outlandish antics.

Mock drafts changing constantly
Most fans are probably going crazy as mock drafts from most professionals keep changing, but why? Most of the teams who are making picks have some desperate needs at specific positions, and the draft is very deep at those positions. For example, Detroit needs an OT badly. They can either go Andre Smith, Jason Smith, or Eugene Monroe. Kansas City needs people on defense. Analysts have them taking Aaron Curry, Brian Orkapo, Everette Brown, and others. This draft is probably one of the most unpredictable in quite some time.
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