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Hot or Not: Hair

Kayla Hurst | Interrobang | Culture | March 30th, 2009


“Good Girl Gone Bad,” is right Rhianna! When she first came to the scene, she had long, wavy extensions that were a light brown colour. I guess you can say it went with her sweet personality, but it didn't look GREAT on her. But now, her style has changed. She's now rockin' a pitch black short cut that looks amazing on her.

Eva Longoria-Parker
This miniature actress' brown hair is to die for. She has beautiful thick and luscious hair, which even allowed her to become a spokesperson for L'Oreal Paris! You can catch her in L'Oreal commercials showing off what every girl wants.

The Kardashian's
The Kardashian sisters all have gorgeous long and bouncy hair. Hair that a girl is willing to kill for. It seems like their hair is the perfect accessory that makes any outfit of theirs that much better.

Keira Knightley
This beautiful actress vhas never gone wrong with her hair. She went from sporting a modern hair cut, that framed her face perfectly, to a long and brown luscious look. Either way she goes, she still looks great!

Katie Holmes
Katie has had one of the biggest hair makeover's, and I'm loving it! Before her bob transition, she just seemed like the normal, sweet and innocent type. Now, this girl has an edge. She looks so much more trendy and sexy with the new look.


Amy Winehouse
It makes me sad that she's always on the “not” side of the list, but hey! She did it to herself. Her 20” high, messy bee hive hair that she always has going on is not working. I know she's trying to be her own person and set her own trends, but does that mean that you have to look like you stuck your head in a blender?

Sarah Jessica Parker
Is it me, or is her new growth ALWAYS showing? I have never seen her without her natural darker roots showing. It bothers me how her hairdresser allows her to leave the salon that way. Please Sarah, invest in some Nice'n Easy Root Touch-up!

Holly Madison
During the “Girl Next Door” days, her hair always looked as if it were a wig that was bound to slip off at any moment. It didn't bother me as much as I thought it was funny. But, now that she's on “Dancing With Stars,” I am literally terrified that her hair is going to land on the judges table!

Courtney Love
She is always looking sloppy and high, and her hair doesn't do her justice. Her hair always looks like she just rolled out of bed and walked out the door. And I'm not talking about the “sexy” bed head either.

Russell Brand
Ok, I know he's a comedian, and his hair is apart of the role that he tends to play, but I would love to see him with normal hair for once, just to switch it up a little.

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