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Student arrested after making threats

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | April 13th, 2009

A male student has been asked to refrain from classes after uttering death threats geared at students and staff of Fanshawe's Simcoe campus.

On March 30, Gregory Lutz, 40, allegedly made the threats and Norfolk OPP arrested him on April 3, 2009.

Lutz has been released on $2,500 bail and is due back in Simcoe court on May 12.

Lutz is charged with four counts of uttering death threats. One of which include, according to a student at the St. James N. Allen Campus in Simcoe, Lutz on numerous occasions threatened to bring a baseball bat to the school on the last day of classes and hit students and staff in the head with it.

Lutz, who was enrolled in the Social Service 2 Program, has been removed from future classes until further notice.

“Any kinds of threats are to not be tolerated by anyone on or off campus,” said Jim Hollister, Security Supervisor for Fanshawe College Campus Security Services.

During the interview, Hollister demonstrated how the emergency safety phones work on campus and assured me they were in proper working order.

According to Hollister, all emergency phones on campus are in proper working order and students and staff are to report any threat against them immediately to campus security.

“If someone is threatening to harm or death and they (students and staff) fear for their safety, I would advise for them to contact their local Police right away,” said Amy Phillipo, Media Relations Officer of London Police Services.

Despite the nature or severity of a threat, London Police advises everyone to step forward so proper actions can be implemented immediately, added Phillipo.

Meanwhile the threats have urged college officials to take a firmer stand on their already in place safety procedures when it comes to the safety and well-being of their students.

Professors have contacted students enrolled in the Social Service 2 program, of which Lutz was enrolled, at Fanshawe College's Simcoe campus with three options on how they best see fit to continue with classes, said Leanne Perreault, Manager of Corporation Communications at Fanshawe College.

The options for the students are as follow:

- Complete courses 100 per cent on-line
- Hybrid option: students have the option of completing half the material in-class and the other half on-line
- Continue attending regularly scheduled classes on campus

Perreault added students seeking counseling regarding the March 30 incident in Simcoe, have received necessary counseling services and the college will do their best to make those resources available.

As outlined in the Fanshawe College Emergency Guide Booklet for its London campus, students and staff are strongly urged to report any suspicious behaviour to campus security.

Persons can contact the emergency line at extension 4242, or can call externally at 519-452-4242.
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