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Polling booths a priority for SAM

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | April 13th, 2009

A grassroots political movement is taking up the charge in establishing polling stations on college and university campuses across Canada for municipal, provincial and federal elections.

The Student Action Movement (SAM) is a student operated club and political organization that works on behalf of the student body at Fanshawe College.

Currently seeking change in the Canadian political system SAM will hold an informative Student Forum in Forwell Hall on Wednesday, April 15.

“This forum is put in place to talk about student issues that SAM has gathered from the Student Survey in the past two weeks...topics and issues were outlined in our comments section of the survey,” said Denis Vidmar, President of the Student Action Movement.

Starting at noon, students, faculty and politicians in and around the London area will be present to put forth ideas on improving the current polling booth system set out in Ontario.

“We are inviting all students to come out and support and talk about issues that are not being addressed or that are ignored,” Vidmar said.

“We are also inviting all the local media as well as party representatives from the municipal, provincial and federal level.”

Following the Student Forum, Vidmar said the SAM team will be starting petitions again.

One of SAM's main objectives is to have a polling booth system set up on campus for all students for federal and provincial elections.

Voting booths have been set up for a second year in a row in campus residences, but to date remain to be used only by residents occupying the building.

According to John Young, Operations Manager at Fanshawe College, there is no space on campus to set up polling booths nor do we have the parking spaces to allow a better voter turnout.

Young said he does not mind setting up polling booths on campus to allow for easy accessibility for residents residing in the Fleming area, Thurman circle and in vicinity the Fanshawe campus in order to vote for a person in their riding.

According to Vidmar, SAM is a stepping-stone for students everywhere. Students are encouraged to come and voice their opinion about the future of their country on Wednesday, April 15 in Forwell at noon.

For more information on the organization please visit their Facebook site titled "Student Action Movement."
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