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Fanshawe Falcons round up

Rozin Abbas | Interrobang | Sports | April 13th, 2009

Another year has passed, and just another notch on Fanshawe's athletic belt. Several notches, that is. We're going to go on a journey, and look at the ups and downs of Fanshawe's athletic adventures.


Mixed Doubles Julianne Clifford and Jordan Brooks are the stars of this badminton review. They are the only Fanshawe badminton players to make it to the OCAA (Ontario Colleges Athletic Association) badminton championships, and CCAA (Canadian Colleges Athletic Association) badminton championships.

Brooks and Clifford's first win came during the Humber Cup in November 7. In the cup, they managed to come in first in Flight C. With the easy win at the Humber Cup, Brooks and Clifford moved up to Flight B at the Fanshawe Invitational. On their home court, they won Flight B by defeating Cambrian's Mitchell Varey and Lydia Zhu.

The West Regions quickly came and Fanshawe was hosting it. While the Falcons as a whole did not play very well, Brooks and Clifford managed to snag bronze allowing them to play in the OCAA championships. At the competition, Brooks and Clifford established themselves as one of the best mixed doubles teams in Ontario by earning a silver medal. As such, they went on their way to the CCAA championships.

The CCAA championships were held at Humber College, but a new story would be written for Brooks and Clifford. The duet couldn't snag a win until the fourth round of the competition. In the end, they were playing for fifth or sixth place, and managed to win to avoid coming dead last in the competition.


Women's and Men's basketball this season told very different stories: one a success story, and another a shocker. Let's start with the women's basketball team, the success story.

The women's basketball team finished 10-4 overall in the regular season. The regular season ended with a few awards landing in the laps of some Fanshawe Falcons. Head Coach Matt White earned OCAA West Coach of the Year, while Alison Griffiths earned West Defensive Player of the Year and West Region First Team honours. Rookie Julia Wolynski earned All-Rookie Team honours.

The women's basketball team bulldozed through Humber College in the quarter finals, but lost a close match to the Seneca Sting in the semi-finals. The loss pitted them against St. Lawrence Kingston for the bronze medal. In a tight game ending 72-64, Fanshawe raised their chalice of blood, sweat and tears in victory earning third place in the OCAA Championships.

The men's team's story read a little differently. Starting the season, Fanshawe looked stunning winning seven straight games in a row until they dropped a one point game to Sheridan. They finished the season 14-4.

Fanshawe was facing Algoma in the quarter finals. Out of the fourteen wins Fanshawe acquired, two of those wins came over Algoma. Fanshawe faced this team they obliterated two times during the regular season in the quarter finals. A win was imminent. No one believed Fanshawe could do worse than their '07-'08 bronze medal finish. Many were wrong. Fanshawe ended up dropping the quarter final game to Algoma 69-62.

Fennell earned West Region First Team All-stars, while newly dubbed FSU President Jabari Cooper received a West Region Second Team All-stars distinction. Last but not least, rookie Jordan Dixon was placed on the West Region All-Rookie Team.

Cross Country

The journey began September 20 at the St. Lawrence Kingston invitational. QTC won the event, but Fanshawe earned second place, both in women's and men's. In the women's race, four Fanshawe runners placed in the top 20. The men faired equally as well as they had four racers who finished in the top 20 finishers as well.

The next competition took place at Fanshawe. At home, the men took first place. On the women's side, they couldn't improve on their second place finish from the St. Lawrence Kingston invitational as they earned second place again.

The next two invitational are as follows: Fleming P invitational and St. Claire invitational. At the Fleming P tournament, the women placed first and men placed third. At the St. Claire invitational, both the men and women placed 2nd at the competition.

The OCAA championship, which took place at Ancaster, was quickly upon the Fanshawe runners. The women's Fanshawe team earned gold at the championships, while the men captured silver.

The CCAA championship, the most important competition, was imminent. The women's running team ended the competition in a way no other women's team has before them. The women's team won nationals. The men, on the other hand, did not fare as well, but managed to capture bronze nationally.

In terms of provincial awards, Mike Scipio and John Mason earned Men's Cross Country All-Ontario team, and Tineke Dejong and Becky Pieterson earned Women's Cross Country All-Ontario team.


Fanshawe's men's number one team started the season well by finishing second place at the Fanshawe Classic. That second place finished was short lived. At the Durham Open, Fanshawe dropped all the way down to seventh place. The Fanshawe team fared no better at the Niagara Golf Classic as Fanshawe finished eighth out of nine teams. When the OCAA championships came around, the men's team did not fare any better as they finished dead last in the competition. The women, on the other hand, finished third place in the tournament.

In the end, Fanshawe's golf team did not see the national stage. No awards were given to any Fanshawe members. The last time a men's team won a championship was in the '92-'93 season. The women's team has never won a championship.

Men's and Women's Indoor Soccer

The men's first competition was at the Sheridan invitational. In the pool play, the men finished 2-0-1 beating George Brown and Fleming, and tying Humber. The two wins moved them to the semi finals where they lost to Sheridan 3-0. In the West region, Fanshawe won all their four games to win the West region. They defeated Algoma, Niagara, Conestoga, and Redeemer. While dominating in the West region, Fanshawe flunked in the OCAA champions finishing 1-1-1.

The women fared better than the men at the Sheridan invitational by placing second place in the tournament. At the West region, the women finished second place after they tied Conestoga (first place winners). In the OCAA championship, Fanshawe earned silver losing, again, to Humber—the team that beat them in the Sheridan invitational.
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