Kiosk a welcoming sight

Sometimes we all need a little direction and guidance, and if you are on campus and looking for someone to help guide you in the right direction, look no further than the Welcome Desk in F building.

You may have walked by it so many times you probably didn't even notice it was there, but if you have stopped by the desk located right at the college's main entrance near the bookstore you probably have had the chance to speak with either Lori Hamilton or Faith Maudsley, who are armed not only with information but also with a smile to brighten your day.

Even though it's a slower time of year around the college, Maudsley said they still get lots of questions regardless of the time of year.

“Right now were averaging 70- 100 a day,” said Maudlsey. “People get lost very easily, and were kind of like a central point. We have the maps here and we can tell them easy routes to get to different places”.

At the welcome desk you can ask them anything from who can you talk to about personal issues, to where's the best place for coffee on campus and so much more. According to Maudsley one of the more interesting inquiries had nothing to do with the college.

“One time we had somebody ask about how they could get access to a piano, because they were a concert pianist.”

The welcome desk is open weekdays from 8am-4pm, so the next time you are walking through the bookstore hallway be sure to stop by the welcome desk, as Maudsley said: “we're always here.”