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“IBS discomfort melts in one days' time:” stated researcher

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | June 8th, 2009

The root of what causes IBS left unidentified

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is highly misdiagnosed by health practitioners in our country today; and masked with drugs.

“As many as 20 per cent of the American adult population, (about one in five) have IBS symptoms, making it one of the most common conditions diagnosed by doctors,” said Sherry Brescia, a Natural Health Researcher and President of Holistic Blends Inc.

As an author of the mega best selling “Great Taste No Pain Health System”, Brescia too suffered from a severe case of IBS early on in life.

Being diagnosed by her family health practitioner, Brescia felt she was losing a battle to something she recalled as one of the worst experiences in her then young life.

“The symptoms can be severe...and very embarrassing because they can strike at any time without warning. They don't conveniently show up just when you're home alone…oh no, it's usually when you're out shopping or at work or socializing with friends,” recalled Brescia.

Adding, “You end up memorizing where the public bathroom is in every place you go.”

Meliha Odzackic, 24, has had IBS related symptoms for as long as she can remember.

“I used to consume large amounts of coffee on any given day and realized it was upsetting my stomach far too frequently for me to just sit back and take it.”

Adding that in order to better her situation, making subtle adjustments to her daily diet and routine, now makes her feel better than ever imagined.

IBS is common among the teen and young adult population around the globe.

Brescia among other competing natural health researchers added that Gastritis and IBS are both the result of too much acidity in the stomach and poorly digested food.

Each food we eat requires a specific type of enzyme for digestion and when foods are eaten in “unfriendly” combinations, opposing digestive enzymes mix together and end up neutralizing the pH in the stomach.

When this happens, digestion comes to a screeching halt.

According to Brescia who had her fair share of IBS symptoms throughout her young life, doctors like to mask the problem and prescribe medication, which only leaves their patients experiencing harsh side effects.

Over the years Brescia has developed a revolutionary system that guarantees life-changing results that can be attained in as little as one day.

Simply put.

The Great Taste no Pain system is compiled of recipes, tips and advice from a woman who too has suffered years of agony before realizing she did not have to deal with the constant reminders of IBS related symptoms.

Brescia now teaches what pain she has endured as a young teen to people who want to live a life free of pain and discomfort caused by daily stomach upsets.

The root of the problem is hard to diagnose, and should not be avoided nor covered up with potentially damaging drugs that have varying side effects that effect every individual in a different way.

Profits are the primary reasons as to why pharmaceutical giants have built entire fortunes on medications that “soothe” the GI tract.

If mainstream medicine were able to solve the real cause of your digestive distress, the drug giants would eventually go out of business, said Brescia.

The following are Annual Sales of Digestive remedies

- Laxatives---$250 Million
- Anti- diarrheal---$100 Million
- Antacids---$2 Billion
- Proctor Pump Inhibitors---$13.6 Billion

All medications listed above temporarily relieve signs of irritation when concerning the stomach and GI tract. The products do nothing to treat the underlying problem of what causes irritability in the GI tract in the human body. In the long run, these prescribed medications do more harm than good.

For more information about IBS or any other general inquiries, please visit or call 1. 315. 295-1236
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