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You think you're fabulous, right?

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | Opinion | June 8th, 2009

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It's an ordinary day but for reasons unknown, you wake up feeling fantastic.

You are well rested and ready to take on any challenge that the day may present you with.

Your hair and make-up never looked better and that outfit. Well, it just never hugged your curves better. Self-confidence comes from within and on this particular day, you have more than enough of it.

Wouldn't it be amazing if this ‘feeling great' about us in every way feeling, could last every minute of each and every day?

That exact day when we catch a glimpse of our gorgeous selves in the mirror and think out loud “wow, I'm kind of a hottie!”

Followed by a fantastic day at the office with everything working for you and not against you.

Those days do occur and our self-esteem could probably not be any higher, but unfortunately, this, is not an everyday occurrence.

We have all, at some point in our lives, had days where we are unstoppable and can accomplish even the unimaginable.

In reality, how long does this self-confidence last for? Why does it appear to turn on and off at its own discretion?

It would be ideal for us to wake up feeling motivated and possessing enough self-worth and self-confidence that would in turn make us appear, to others, that we know what we want out of life and are extremely great at getting it.

Those are the great (confident) days…

Then there are days that are far too frequent…

Every day can prove to be a challenge for women everywhere.

It does not matter what your current profession is, your attributes to the world are or even how you handle rejection. Be it by a man or simply not getting that promotion you highly hoped for (and secretly already bought a new pair of must have shoes for) some things are just not meant to be.

It is on those days you almost forget who you are and what your worth is and just how good of a person you truly are.

It's when even the most ordinary duties can seem enormous if you're having an “Off Day”.

We've all been there. We have those days where we belittle our self-worth and self-sabotage even our own existence. It's funny how our minds can create these usually unrealistic scenarios that when in these moods, are believable by us, women.

I will be the first to admit that there are days when, and for no apparent reason, are downer days. You can't get anything right. You're running late. You spill coffee all over your new white shirt (happens every time), and moments like that do in fact make you feel as if you are at a disadvantage compared to every one else in the universe.

Why? When regular, every day tasks become a chore; it sets us up for failure and off sets the entire rest of our day. Instantly puts us in a bad mood where all we want to do is crawl under something and hope the day just passes us by, which of course as we all know, is never that easy.

Those days happen far too often and quite frankly are unavoidable; If it didn't then we would all have peachy days, everyday.

The days where everything is going shitty make our self-esteem drop and contrary to popular belief, it is not always the simplest thing to put on a happy face if everything and (everyone) appears to be against you.

For example, you attempt a regular task as you might any other day, but today it just doesn't seem right. You try to perfect it. Again, you fail. Moments of insecurity about your inner strengths can and do take a toll when our performance is offset. The trick is to remember it happens to everyone and be able to suppress it and move beyond a little annoyance.

Self-esteem should possess the following:

- A person should value their inner and outer self and feel capable of doing

- Possess a certain sense of pride that you are worthy of everything offered

- Have dignity and respect yourself; your whole self

Aside from bad hair days and not having your “usual” routine go exactly as planned, remember to take each day as it comes and do the best you can, and you might just be surprised with your abilities.
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