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Is it worth it to be the host?

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | | August 31st, 2009

If you have thought about throwing that perfect party come fall, you may want to think again. The booze, the noise and dealing with people who may get out of hand might sound like a fantastic scenario, but keep in mind the repercussions of having this amazing get together.

Sure you might have the enjoyment of many long lasting memories to reminisce about with your bestest. But remember the stories you might tell one day, would probably be even better if there wasn't talk about problems with the law. The stories may be funnier in a future sense, but just think what you may have to go through to make a good name for yourself again if you screw up.

Consider having a get-together with only your closest friends to further avoid complications that you may otherwise get from people who just happened to show up because they felt like it; whether you knew them or not.

Facebook and Twitter are a great means of communication between new and old friends. But just imagine how you would feel if the word about your get-together spread, and uninvited guests started appearing at your front door? It wouldn't be that great of a scenario, would it?

As the host of a party, you are the one who is responsible for the guests who enter your premises. It is your responsibility to maintain control and manage unruly behaviour in order to avoid having to deal with the law.

Keep an eye out for individuals who may think it's all right to drive home after a long night of drinking. If anything were to happen to that person, legally you may be held responsible for any of their wrongdoings.

However, hosts of parties should have a sense of control over their property including persons they allow to enter and consider the repercussions that may follow.
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