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Party Update: Going under the radar

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | | August 31st, 2009

Tips for keeping your party under control:

1. Let your neighbours know if you are having a party
Going over to your neighbours not only gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself, but also allows the neighbour to see you as a mature individual who wants to include them in your plans. Whether you invite them over or not, an initial meet might save your neighbours from phoning the police come the end of the night.

2. No postings on Facebook
If you are planning on inviting only the best to come to your party, do not advertise on Facebook allowing for all to see. You do not need 400 “friends” showing up wrecking your original party intentions.

3. Keep valuables hidden
Unexpected guests always have a funny way of showing up and the last thing you need is for one of them to take something of value to you. Keep personals in a special area that is not accessible by strangers.

4. Keep an eye out for your bestest
It is always a good idea to have that one person who will remain sober throughout the course of the evening allowing more control over a large crowd of people.

5. Watch your noise levels
Keep a handle on your noise levels and you won't see cops showing up at your doorstep handing out up to $200 in fines for you and your friends each.

6. Have a “no bottle” policy in tact
Ask your friends to bring cans instead of bottles for your get-together. It makes for an easier clean up and the waste consumption is more easily controlled.

7. Provide the basics
By giving your guests the option of non-alcoholic beverages, you may eliminate drinking and driving at the end of the night. Also, keep in mind some guests might not be of age and by providing this alternative may reduce the number of underage drinkers you as the host are responsible for.

8. Co-operate with the law
We all know police have a funny way of showing up at their convenience. But knowing this all too well, it is always a great idea to keep your cool and remain collected. This will ensure the police see you as a responsible young adult when you are able to keep things under control.

9. Prepare for over nighters
It is common to have people pass out or, having drank too much, not be able to go home that night. Be sure to plan ahead and make sure your friends have a place to stay if they are unable to get home safely.

10. Tidy up
Depending on the size of the party, any mess should be dealt with right away resuming the party. Keep your neighbours happy too and keep any belongings of yours off their properties.
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