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Multi-tasking made easy with

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | September 21st, 2009

Are you finding it difficult to take detailed notes and listen attentively to instruction at the same time? Tackling college fresh out of high school or even getting back on the horse after a lengthy absence can be an overwhelming experience for anyone; that is, of course, if you don't have the right tools necessary for success. Lucky for you we live in an electronic age, and once again, the Internet's got you covered.

Developed a year and a half ago, offers a variety of services for the eager student and professor alike, independent of field of study. While it does not eliminate the need to attend classes, allows students to concentrate (and therefore potentially participate more in discussion) on the subject matter at hand by providing typed transcriptions of course lectures. All you have to do is equip yourself with a mid-to-high quality voice recorder (available through the site), and submit each audio file for which you desire notes to their server. The team at is happy to do the rest.

Consisting of approximately 45 full-time staff members,'s mission is to act as a learning aid for the modern student. Once an audio file has been uploaded to their server,'s employees meticulously oversee the process of ensuring that their users receive exactly what is on their recording in a typed format. Within one to three business days, students can expect to obtain access to their lecture notes via email or direct download from the website. While sign-up is free, transcription costs vary depending upon the length of each submitted file, with rates starting as low as $9.57 per hour-length class.

Erin Law, a third year PR student has always understood the importance of attending her lectures, but before, she consistently struggled with attempting to capture everything her professors were saying verbatim. Through the assistance of this simple online tool, Law is now able to solely focus on her professors directives. As she explained, “I can [now] concentrate on what the prof[s are] saying…instead of making sure what they said is properly written down. [] is fantastic for students who have extremely long lectures and find it difficult to multi-task by both listening and writing accurately.”

In the eyes of Matt Whittecker, director of business development (International) and one of three owners of this booming scholastically-based business, can and should be “used by just about any student.” The website not only offers top-notch services that are guaranteed to make a student's time at college or university more rewarding, but it also is extremely user-friendly. could potentially eliminate the anxiety-provoking situation in which a student misses classes due to illness, if friends sign up together. But it's not just scholars who can benefit from this venture. also has unique services available for professors such as “Lesson Planning.”

What started out as a mere idea intended to ease the academic transition associated with the jump from secondary to post-secondary has expanded tremendously since the website's inception. As explained by Whittecker, the developers behind are not in it purely for mercenary rewards; they have a vision. The website's team is hopeful that the proceeds derived from their services will be able to contribute to supporting ongoing initiatives to build new schools in developing countries. Some students who choose to utilize may in fact be given the opportunity to visit sponsor locations on a paid trip to help assist with this fantastic program in the future.

As made evident by the services they provide, along with their impending “good works” aspirations, is founded upon the principle of “Students Helping Students Everywhere!” And if that isn't enough convincing to check out this exciting new learning management system, Whittecker summarized succinctly, “it's just a cool tool.” That's something we're certainly taking note of!

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