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Local Business Profile: Island Ink Jet covered in ink

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | September 21st, 2009

“Re-filling ink cartridges is an art form in itself,” quips Bill Stong, owner and manager of Island Ink Jet, but with their helpful team and many years of combined experience, fulfilling your computer needs has never been easier. Taking a pro-active and educational approach to consumer relations, not only will Stong's store take on the brunt of your computer maintenance needs for you, but as well, for those enthusiastic about expanding their own technical “know-how”, in-store demos are offered regularly.

Conveniently located in Argyle Mall just off of Dundas Street, Stong admits the majority of his clientele tend to be “Fanshawe students.” Accordingly, a 10 per cent discount is extended to all those who present a valid and up-to-date student card upon purchase.

For those of you who venture on the eco-friendly side of things, Stong is also excited to relay that his store has set up a blue drop-off box for old ink-jet cartridges that he disposes of himself in order to keep the Forest City green. It's bonuses like Stong's forward thinking attitude, along with his knowledgeable and friendly staff that continue to make Island Ink Jet the number one ink re-filling company in Canada.

With students back in the classroom, Island Ink Jet will undoubtedly have their hands full. From refilling your old ink cartridges to perhaps purchasing a used printer, Island Ink Jet is here to assist you with all your computer needs and is eager to ease your academic return.

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