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Reasons why we feel attraction toward the opposite sex

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | Opinion | September 21st, 2009

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There are many reasons why people feel attraction towards another human being. The following five may surprise even the most skeptical of all people.

1. Have you ever thought about using your sense of smell for foreplay? This fact is actually true as it is said lavender and pumpkin scents turn men on. Hmmm...who knew? No one is saying you have to bathe your entire body in these preferred smells, a hint will do. To try, burn a candle scented with lavender or spray your neck with these arousing scents and you'll be more than fine. Also, hints of cucumber or black licorice were found to arouse women. Interesting.

2. Cocktail goggles are for real and sadly happen far too often at the bar scene. When we choose to drink, for some reason guys appear a hell of a lot cuter than when we are sober. When women are drunk they don't necessarily notice the asymmetry of a man's face. The explanation according to research found that a symmetric guy is less likely to have genetic defect and in turn may make for a better mate.

3. The size of a guy's gut really does matter. Women look for men with broad shoulders and a solid chest as indications of a lesser health risk, in turn making them potentially better mates. In the mean time, men with a gut have lower testosterone levels. Low testosterone leads to a lower sex drive and lower fertility. Source: authors of Size Matters Harry Fisch, MD and Kara Baskin.

4. A sign it could be long-term love. So this one seemed a little out there, but if you and your guy's mom look alike, there is the possibility of things working out between you two. See, guys are more than likely to pair up with women whose bone structure is similar to their own mother's. It's called sexual imprinting, and it is suggested that the faces we find appealing as adults are actually determined in childhood. Source: Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

5. According to the American Psychological Association, these next moves mean a guy is smitten. When a man mirrors a women's every move, he is subconsciously saying he is into you. Whether it be sitting the same as you, doing the same hand motions as you or perhaps even leaning in the same direction as you all happen to be subtle cues that he is in fact attracted to you. The Association added that if a man licks his lips after you lick yours, it's a definite sign of desire and want.
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