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Get the life you deserve

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | Opinion | September 28th, 2009

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Do you often wonder what could have been?

You may be an amazing friend, sister, or accomplished worker but what happens when life happens? The minute we get older and all of a sudden the things that mattered the most once-upon-a-time do not carry the same importance as they once did.

Why is this?

If anything we should expose ourselves to all the great things that life has to offer. The little pleasures that for reasons unknown we now only think and dream about with hopes of one day having them come true. Why has life taken on a different meaning now that we have a million things on the go?

As we get older and our lives take off in different directions, it is easy to loose track of the finer things in life. Such as having one and enjoying it to its potential.

The things that once brought us joy now appear a great distance away in an unreachable reality.

Most people try to juggle work, family and play and for unexplained reasons the fun factor gets forgotten in order to get what we think as important done, and done on time.

Somewhere along the line it was decided that in order to live a rich and meaningful life one has to work hard at getting what they want out of that life.


But no one ever expected the climb to be so high.

In order to excel, you have to prove yourself, prove your abilities, to always try to be greater and better than the other guy. But all this hard work, and at what cost if you think about it?

The stress, the endless nights consumed with thoughts of what else you could possibly fit on your plate.

Do you ever stop and think about the life you longed to have when you were little?

And why does it seem to be so hard to incorporate all of what life has to offer in order for you to make the most of yours?

If you are content with the life you lead, then live it by all means but truthfully I think we can all use a little more down time instead of rushing through the day to get mandatory tasks completed.

It is easy to dream and have an imagination that is full of possibilities to only realize that may not be the case once “real” life begins to set in.

The long hours, the tired face and let's not forget the traffic to and from work because everyone else in the universe seems to come and go at exactly the same times as you do. This is it? This is what life has come down to?

Life is not only about the things that are deemed important so they must get done in a timely manner. Live your life to its fullest and don't forget to take time out for you every once in a while.

Somewhere inside all of us is that child like creativity we once relied so heavily on. Don't be afraid to bring it out that creativity every now and then and see how your present life might change for the better.
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