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College crawling with international students looking to learn English

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | October 5th, 2009

Hong Kong, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia and the Ukraine are just some of the countries students attending Fanshawe are from.

There is one main reason as to why the almost 600 International students that choose to study at Fanshawe are here: to grasp a clear understanding of the English language taught by professional native English speakers.

English as a Second Language (ESL) conversational English classes began Tuesday, September 22 for students who want to enrich their English learning potential while studying at the college. ESL classes at Fanshawe are primarily focused on conversational English for foreign learners.

“Conversation circles are very casual and give ESL students a great opportunity to be among students at the same level perhaps as they are,” said Beverly Haggerty, an ESL Technologist at Fanshawe. “ESL students enjoy their programs (at Fanshawe) very much.”

The program helps students by allowing them the opportunity to ease into living in Canada and also to be able to properly and effectively communicate in English with confidence.

The ESL classes are held four times a week to help accommodate the many foreign students participating in learning to grasp and get a better sense and meaning of the English language.

The environment in which ESL is taught is a safe, fun and enjoyable atmosphere free of judgment from others.

Many of the students taking the course take advantage of such a diverse program that aims at improving and enriching the lives of those new to Canada.

Adnan, whose last name has been withheld, studies at Fanshawe in the Radiation Technology program and is studying to become a cardiologist.

Adnan is pursuing his undergrad at the college and has already completed six years of university in his hometown in Pakistan.

“It's my passion to be a doctor. One day I am hoping to find a cure for people who are suffering,” admitted Adnan.

Adnan, who is in level five English at Fanshawe, assists other foreign students in the ESL conversational English program on campus.

Having foreign speakers help assist ESL students is a great motivating factor for beginners to help demonstrate their own potential of learning and adapting to a new language in a new country. Many foreign students new to Canada come without their families.

Learning a foreign language can be a scary and overwhelming experience but the conversational English classes are a easy and fun way to get to know you are not alone.

If you are a person who can benefit from attending an English conversational class, feel free to drop by the International office in E2025 for more detailed information.

If you are an individual who would like to dedicate an hour or two a week by volunteering for the program, then you are also encouraged to drop by the office.

Weekly classes are held on Tuesday from 12-1 and 1-2 and on Wednesday 12-1 and 1-2 in room T1019 on campus.
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