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College and FSU join on self defense training for men

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | October 12th, 2009

Recent incidents occurring in the city of London have sparked Fanshawe College to take action.

A six-hour self-defense pilot project aimed at teaching all young men how to get out of potentially dangerous situations has arrived.

Bob Earle, Security Supervisor at Fanshawe feels the timing could not be better to have self-defense classes available for men at the college.

“We have been offering the RAD program (for women) for a number of years and we have never really offered anything just for men before,” said Earle.

The Fanshawe Student Union in conjunction with security services at Fanshawe have collaborated on the pilot project that will enable men on campus to learn proper self-defense techniques and how to use them correctly, if the need arises.

“The point of the self-defense classes is to empower people, to prepare them for real life situations they might find themselves in and giving them skills so that we are not allowing ourselves to be victimized,” said Sarah Mank, a Spectrum representative of a Fanshawe campus club.

The class will involve two main components.

Preventative Awareness will be the most important aspect of the teachings in the project. Having adequate mental strength and confidence will help ensure a proper outcome upon completion of the class.

Key components are as follow:

- Concepts of self defense; awareness, confidence, proactive, recognizing danger signs

- Safety tips; at home, walking, driving, and while out with friends in public

- Scenarios; on campus, student environment, downtown, swarming

Physical self defense will be taught after developing preventative awareness skills. Students will learn how to avoid particular situations through preventative awareness techniques, but if for whatever reason they find themselves caught in the middle of a confrontation the following physical skills will be addressed in class.

The second component is outlined as follows:

- Proxemics - distance and safety

- Stances; for safety, balance, and defenses

- Distraction techniques; to change the focus of attackers

- Escaping from grips, holds, and common attacks

Jabari Cooper, FSU president feels “everyone should be able to protect themselves.”

The primary focus of the self-defense class will be on prevention, awareness, and being able to escape to safety.

Mank wants to have the “confidence to be able to walk in the streets of our own city without fear, and if the need arises to be able to defend ourselves.”

Simple and effective techniques will be taught to learn how to escape and find assistance.

Individuals need to feel safe in their community and feel confident in their abilities to ward off any attacker if an incident occurs.

Noel Scott, one of three Spectrum executives feels there is always a “need to be prepared,” despite your gender or your orientation.

Thus far the course is generating a great response by men who wish to participate, once a set date is announced.

Anyone interested in participating in the program or who wants more information should contact either the FSU office or the Campus Security Services Community Program Office at (519) 452-4430 ext 4029.
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