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The things women do for men

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | Opinion | October 12th, 2009

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Relationships are built on a number of things. Just as men, women at times sacrifice their own sanity to keep the bond with their man strong.

As a relationship moves from one stage to the next, different aspects are put into perspective, as a bond between two people naturally grows stronger. It is only natural that each person involved in the union make certain sacrifices to better suit their partner, even if it holds no importance to you.

So, as we move through the various stages we gradually adapt to our partner's habits and cope with things we may not otherwise be oh-so-privileged to do if we were perhaps single.

The following are simply a sampler of what some women may do to enhance their over all relationship status with their partner.

1. Brazilian fun. To be silky smooth and oh so irresistible to touch most women suck it up and get the ever so painful Brazilian. Why? To feel extra sexy we put ourselves through torture to feel that little bit more sexually appealing for our partner. Ladies, if getting one of these fantastic wax jobs sounds like a fabulous idea to you then by all means wax away.

2. Spinning regime. We should all be aware of the many great health benefits that come with a daily exercise regime, but do many of you find we kick it up a notch or two when that special someone enters our life? Perhaps true for some, but my god those spinning classes just became a fave among women everywhere. Sweating our asses off has never felt so good!

3. Running the tap. Ladies we all do the same business in the bathroom as men. So, why time after time I am hearing girls are so embarrassed to the point where all they can do is run the tap while they do their business? Either way, the noise is heard.

4. The higher the better. Heels are sexy. No doubt about it. But wearing them for hours on end can really pain your feet. So, try wearing those sexy heels for short periods of time and either way, your man will appreciate the elongated leg line.

5. Staying the night…in his pad. Yes the every now and then sleepovers are nice. You get to bond and spoon with your guy all night, but getting ready in the morning to look like your fabulous self can be a strain considering you're not in your own pad. Packing a bag with all the essentials including a fab outfit for the following day can be a bit of a drag and you may feel rushed. Suggestion: Get up extra early, rush back to your place and finish getting ready where you are most comfy.

6. Caring about his favourite team. It's nice to get involved with some of your beau's particular hobbies. Perhaps you can try sporting your guy's favourite team jersey for a fun night in on the couch!

7. Buying presents for the women in his life. This one keeps proving true every time I speak with a female. When it comes to shopping, most men would rather stay in the car waiting for you in the parking lot. And for good reason. We as women have a natural tendency to love to shop and take our time with our purchases. So when it comes to picking out just the perfect present for his mother, sister, and goddaughter we are the ones searching aisle through aisle picking out that special, one of a kind gift he will later be thanked for!

8. Faking it. This one may prove effective the first time but is just so terribly wrong. Never fake an orgasm as it sends your man the wrong message, and you will continually be disappointed with his moves in the sack (because he will continue to do the same move thinking you like it). Try vocalizing what it is you need and remember there is nothing wrong with being specific.
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