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LTC workers in a legal strike position

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | October 26th, 2009

London Transit along with the union that represents drivers, dispatchers, ticket clerks, inspectors and all maintenance staff were notified with a “no board” report on October 5.

The report to put members of the Local 741 Transit Union in a legal strike position, and the London Transit Commission in a legal lockout position, became effective on Thursday October 22 at 12:01 a.m.

London Transit has been adamant about providing its riders with up-to-date information posted on their website regarding a possible strike and what options the public has when using public transportation.

In a statement, Larry Ducharme, LTC's general manager stated: “The intent is to keep our public informed so they can make their own contingency plans. (It's) up to the individual to find their way.” As the talks continue, scheduled service is unchanged.

London Transit is hopeful they will be able to reach a new collective agreement to avoid the possibility of a strike or lockout. Negotiations continue as of press time.

The approximate 12,000 Fanshawe students who heavily rely on the public transportation system to get to and from school are made aware of any possible changes regarding the strike on the college's website.

“Presently, we are focusing on awareness and encouraging people to consider alternate modes of transportation that might be available to them should the need arise,” said Leanne Perreault, Fanshawe College spokesperson.

Specialized transit services will operate normally, the LTC has noted.

The issues for local 741 include employees' concerns over their personal safety, scheduled breaks and more time between working shifts. Also, employees of local 741 have demonstrated the need to be compensated $25 an hour as opposed to the $23.08 they are presently earning, over a three-year agreement.

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