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Not your typical minimum wage summer job

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | October 26th, 2009

Forget working another summer at a fast food joint and get real life experience with hands-on training working an “unforgettable summer”.

AXE introduces the end of mindless summer employment with their Ridiculously, Ridiculously Good Summer Gig for one guy and one lucky lady.

“We think this is the best summer job that we can ask for,” said Gregory Major, brand building manager for AXE.

Between June 1 and July 31, 2010, two lucky Canadians will become AXE Canada's consumer consultants. Aside from the many different things they will learn throughout their outlined job descriptions, the newly appointed consumer consultants will:

- Conduct in-depth field research on the Canadian dating landscape. Basically they will date and tell the rest of Canadians about their fabulous experiences.

- Scoop thoughts and opinions from like-minded Canadian guys and girls by supporting the management and day-to-day operations of AXE Canada's consumer insight group.

- Organize and execute consumer insight events with the AXE Canada brand team.

- Represent your peers by providing ongoing insight and information to the AXE brand team and its agency partners.

- With this fantastic opportunity the guy and girl will add their own personal flare and definitely rise to the occasion in the summer of 2010.

The ridiculously good summer gig will provide the chosen candidates each with a $10,000 salary for two months along with a fully paid for “sweet pad” in downtown Toronto.

Major is pleased thus far with the number of applicants who have applied for the summer gig and encourages more persons to send their applications before the November 22 deadline.

“The consumer consultants will organize and execute events with our (AXE) brand team,” Major said.

Adding that everyday is going to involve a different task to be performed by the consultants will make it one “unforgettable summer.”

According to Major, the application process is completed in three short steps. First the applicant must fill out a short, but informative online questionnaire.

Second, they are to submit two reference letters that will outline thier fab qualities and how much the applicant deserves it.

Last but certainly not least, the applicant is to submit either a gorgeous photo of themselves or provide AXE with a short but outstanding video showcasing why they are to be chosen as the guy or girl AXE Consumer Consultant for the summer of 2010.

Application process is opened to individuals 19 and older. For further instructions on how to be the next AXE Consumer Consultant please do not hesitate to visit where you will find all the information needed.

Deadline is November 22, 2009.
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