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Personal rivalries sadly the norm

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | Opinion | November 2nd, 2009

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As she walks into the room the jitter chatter will surely come shortly after.

The room is silent.

Co-workers or classmates resume one by one ready to start yet another day. The tired looking faces of most who occupy the space look disoriented, discouraged or perhaps lacking basic human courtesies.

Whatever the case may be regarding individuals who are required to share space with others, rivalries have become quite the norm and to communications experts' almost “typical” when different personality types are to share the same space.

Redundant? Perhaps. But over the past few years' rivalries have become the norm in many workplaces and school settings, including a small knit space to the likes of larger, more fancy institutions.

Rumour has it a certain someone gets what she wants, when she wants, simply for making a presence? Or perhaps a guy uses his good looks and charm to get in with all the ladies?

Hmmmm…interesting concept, is it not?

Imagine if you will, for a split second that sadly there are people in this world who frown upon those who act nicer than they, people who hold their heads up higher when they walk or enter a room, people who quite frankly must lead a more interesting and diverse life then they.

Wow. With that being said it baffles me that rivalries must exist in the first place. I thought gossip and rumours were something 14-year-old girls did when their so-called best friend “accidentally” stole their crush away? Am I wrong here or do we live in a society that dislikes people for no reason at all?

Apparently we do when such things occur on a daily basis everywhere.

How can we put a stop to this immaturity and unnecessary stupidity?

We can't.

Unfortunately there are people in this world who enjoy discussing other people's lives so much that they actually vicariously live through them, without meaning to do so intentionally?

Truth is we will never know all the possible reasons as to why certain individuals feel this is the right thing to do.

Experts who specialize in this field agree the one main thing, which causes friction is envy. Simply laid out, in full, it will ultimately make others not drawn to the idea of co-existing with everyone who shares the same environment day in and day out.

Whatever the reason, whatever the motive, people who gossip should be ashamed for living life continually discussing the lives of people who they do not know on a personal level nor take the time to really get to know.
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