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Kelly's Speak Your Mind a hit

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | Lifestyles | November 9th, 2009

Ian Kelly: Speak Your Mind

A unique voice combined with enticing and raw talent.

Ian Kelly, a bilingual singer-songwriter released his second album Speak Your Mind, with rave reviews.

Ian KellyThe album is a blend of soothing, catchy songs that will take the listener on a special journey through the length of the entire album.

Kelly, a native of Montreal, started singing in bands at the tender age of 13.

Not having enough cash flow, Kelly started producing his rhythms and sound to incorporate his style and taste of music.

Kelly eventually made an in-home recording studio, which he used to produce some enchanting music.

Having worked as an Audio engineer in his earlier years, Kelly was able to incorporate his technical talents to solely produce his first album titled Insecurity.

Produced independently in the privacy of his home, Kelly reminisced what it was truly like when just starting out.

“For Insecurity, I borrowed some money from my mom and bought myself a nice microphone and a computer. With what I could afford, I'm very proud of the sound quality of my debut album. The room wasn't ideal either; If you listen carefully, you can hear a bus or a car go by and my roommates talking in the living room or watching a movie. Life on De Lorimier Street in Montreal,” Kelly said in a statement to

Hundreds of albums were sent out to distributors whom Kelly hoped would bite and help sign him.

After catching a lucky break on a Saturday night television show, president Michel Belanger from Audiogram heard the unique recordings of Kelly's hit Fake World, and the rest is history.

Speak Your Mind was co-produced by Kelly and Montreal-based producer Guillaume Chartrain.
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