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Punk the way it should be

Darius Mirshahi | Interrobang | Lifestyles | November 16th, 2009

There's a lot of meaningless pop punk saturating the airwaves these days as music industry executives attempt to co-opt, depoliticize, and mass market it. But while some punk bands like Against Me! have admittedly ‘sold out,' other punk bands such as From the Depths, have emerged and are keeping things punk, DIY, politically-charged, and authentic.

From the Depths was formed in 2008 by members of other well-known punk bands, Catharsis, Requiem, Network of Terror, Auryn, and Balaclava. Defining their own style, “they combine d-beat power, slower and faster hardcore, harsh noise, and even a passage from a traditional Italian anarchist folk ballad.”

Their debut album Germinate, available on their website;, “is intense, defiant, dark music, but it is based in compelling melodies: you can scream these songs at the top of your lungs in a riot, but you could also sing them quietly to yourself in jail to maintain your spirits.”

Based in the Southeast U.S., where they work on many other non-musical projects aimed at spreading social revolution, including various “CrimethInc.” projects, From The Depths practice what they preach. They are known in many radical circles as some of the hardest ex-workers in the CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective; “a decentralized anarchist collective composed of many cells which act independently in pursuit of a freer and more joyous world.”

Incredibly, From The Depths has managed to tour every corner of the United States in less than two years doing several benefit shows for prisoners in the anticapitalist and earth liberation struggles along the way. They also performed for fellow demonstrators outside the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

Currently traveling in a van that was donated by Winona's “Really Really Free Market” after their vegetable-oil-powered truck died in the middle of a tour, From The Depths are touring North America one last time before heading to Europe, and they will be playing a show here in London.

Catch From The Depths only show in London Thursday November 19th at Empowerment. for more details.
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