Emergency! I've partied my heart out and it's not even New Years yet!

One of my favourite things about the holiday season is all the parties that come along with the snow. New soiree dresses, a pair of heels to match, festive “glowy” makeup, and an excuse to get your highlights touched up along with a manicure, make every girl feel special this time of year. However, after getting all dolled up and enjoying the party circuit one too many weekends in a row, you may regret that fourth gingersnap martini for more reasons than just feeling less than vivacious.

So what's a party girl to do? Cutting the night short to catch some much needed zzz's is obviously out of the question. The simplest and easiest solution to enjoying tons of holiday fun, while still looking and feeling your best, is all in a bottle. Choosing the right products and tweaking your beauty regime will allow for maximum party time, and minimum down time. Here are some of the best tips and tricks I've collected over the years:

Pale skin shows more flaws and imperfections, than tanned skin. This is not to say that you should fry yourself in a tanning bed, as the “wrinkled prune look” equally isn't attractive on ANYONE (see Rachel Zoe). However, since their debut, selftanners have drastically improved.

Some of my personal favourites include: L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Gelée, which I mix half and half with regular body lotion, for the optimum streakfree glow. When I'm feeling slightly more luxurious, I spray on some Guerlain terracotta mist.

When you get that tanned, even complexion, it's much easier to fake looking bright-eyed and luminous. The best fake-it “glow-in-a —bottle” I've ever used comes from Laura Mercier.

The recipient of tons of beauty awards, this tinted moisturizer also comes in an illuminating version. Best for night (it's a bit much for day), this light-reflecting, skin-perfecting, light-as-air tinted moisturizer looks as good to others, as it feels on your skin. Dior's DiorSkin's AirFlash Spray Foundation is also an ultimate secret weapon against any imperfections. With these products, no one will ever know you're running on two hours sleep.

As a nail polish junkie, I feel that unpolished fingers are a crime. This time of year offers great opportunities to pull your look together by adding some holiday dazzle.

Neutral enough to go with anything, but bold enough to stand out, wearing Estée Lauder's Nail Lacquer in Gold is sure to help you hit all of the right notes.

Speaking of hiding things, is there any girl out there (besides Kate Moss) who doesn't have some areas they want to smooth out? Spanx are Hollywood's ultimate body-conscience girls' best friend. From Gwyneth Paltrow to Jessica Alba, these size-reducing tights are enormous in popularity (some starlets are rumoured to even wear two at a time!). Kim Kardashian is also a fan of LnA tights, which are similar to Spanx, but not as intense.

Hair salon blowouts can really add up, and with multiple parties in a weekend, it's good to make Thursday's visit last until Sunday. Dry shampoo has saved my hair in a pinch, and there are tons of varieties.

The “designer of all dry shampoos” (with a price tag to match), Klorane Dry Shampoo smells the best and works wonders on unwashed hair.

Dry shampoo powder versions are also available, but be warned — they tend to leave more residue, along with “powdery” odours. Cake beauty makes two powders for darker and lighter shades, but the sweet cake batter smell may get to you. Baby powder is a smart and cheaper substitute, but you're guaranteed to smell like a newborn all day.

In terms of styling your hair for all those late night extravaganzas, simplicity is always best. Loose waves can be done with a flat iron (just hold the iron horizontally, clamp a small piece of hair, twist your wrist and pull), but avoid using a curler as you'll likely end up looking more “prom queen” than Gisele.

Updos are also great, if they don't look too “done.” Leaving a few pieces surrounding your face and pulling the rest back into a messy bun with a sparkly clip keeps your look looking polished and approachable.

Hopefully this party season will be a big success for everyone. Enjoy the holidays, look your best, take pleasure in the food and drink, and keep good company!