Local Business Profile: Good food, good cheer, good company

Are you looking to add a little more spice to your usual hang out?

Look no further as the Poachers Arm's has a little something for everyone's taste.

They have various special nights that cater to persons of all ages including college and university students as well as the mature crowd, said Danny Choi, owner of Poachers Arm's since 1987.

Located at 171 Queen Avenue in London's downtown core, the Poachers Arm's has been a favourite among Londoners for a number of years as the place to be on any given night.

Authentic British-style food in a relaxing atmosphere, the Arm's selection of top-of-the-line made-to-order beverages and entrees has customers coming back time and time again for a great time with friends and colleagues.

Danny Choi, owner of Poachers Arm's

The Poachers Arm's caters to all sorts of affairs ranging from casual get togethers to business meetings, you are sure to find exactly what it is you're looking for at this establishment.

The pub serves up daily specials that suit everyone's tastes.

“Everything is homemade...very fresh,” Choi added.

Weekly entertainment consists of Wednesday night open mic nights to local bands rocking the house every Friday and Saturday night. For further listings on who is playing at the Poachers Arm's please visit their website.

Students receive a 15 per cent discount on any food order with a valid up-to-date student card.

For more information contact the Poachers Arms at 519-432-7888 or visit their website at www.poachersarms.ca