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A different kind of flick

Kathryn Fudurich | Interrobang | Lifestyles | January 11th, 2010

Up In The Air (2009)

The “happily-ever-after” ending most people dream of couldn't be more opposite to the way Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) has decided to live his life. Travelling the world most days of the year, his full-time job is to fire people. Bingham is clearly a man who believes that living life with literally no baggage is the happiest and simplest way to be.

The movie follows this professional fire-man around his day-to-day life of travelling, first class, and getting his job done. It is quite obvious that he loves what he is doing but his perfect world is disrupted when young, arrogant, recent graduate Natalie (Anna Kendrick) is hired. She has developed a plan to help the business do the same work, only out of one location.

Up In The Air

Up In The Air is a one-of-a-kind story dealing with relationships. The film uncovers stories of young love, sibling's drifting apart, complicated romances between successful adults and relations between co-workers. Although Clooney's character is well into his career and set on his view of life he is forced to question the core values he presents motivational speeches on and that is to be un-committed; uncommitted to anything or anyone.

The plot line is very unique and composed of a very talented cast. This is one of those movies that fails to leave you feeling all warm inside but rather begs the question of what is everything in life worth if you can't share it with someone else? So if you're looking for a pure romantic comedy this isn't quite it. The chemistry between Clooney and co-star Kendrick had audiences laughing out loud, especially the bickering between a man and woman from such different generations. At the same time the many family moments and intimacy had everyone completely silent gripping onto each word spoken on screen. Overall a great film for a mature audience and anyone who desires to see a glimpse into the various realities of life once settled into a career after thinking you've found your “happily-ever-after.”
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