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Trinnear starts new year as Much's newest VJ

Jessica Ireland | Interrobang | Lifestyles | January 11th, 2010

As the new year starts, most people are looking to visit the gym a little more or deciding to hit the books instead of the bars.

Liz Trinnear, winner of MuchMusic's VJ 2.0 contest, is just hoping she doesn't end up flat on her face as she lives away from home for the first time, navigates Toronto and becomes a regular face on national television.

“I'm a kid from London coming into a big city,” she said. “I'm so scared to get lost! (And) remembering people's names. And not falling.”

Londoner Liz Trinnear is MuchMusic's freshest face.But while Trinnear insists that she's “new at this,” she's clearly got the skills required for the gig after beating out 4,000 hopefuls and continuing to stand out through the top eight until the final vote.

Viewers were charmed by her style, obvious love of everything music and her focus on being herself — no flash, just substance. But while she's got the gig, the whirlwind is just beginning. After moving out of her parents' pad in London, she moved to Toronto in December and is happily settling into her position.

“It's more exciting than anything,” she said. “I'm learning and soaking up everything.”

Trinnear is also focused on not forgetting about the community that got her here — “staying connected,” she said. One of her top priorities is to maintain the fan support she garnered during the competition through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

“I want to stay real and to my true nature,” she explained.

While she seems to have a lot on her plate for 2010, she's got her fellow VJs and the MuchMusic crew to lean on.

“It's a big family down there,” she said. “Devon (Soltendieck, who won the MuchMusic VJ contest in 2004) told me, ‘This is just a new beginning.'”

Tim Deegan, the 2006 VJ search winner, even spoke with her parents for 15 minutes after her win was announced to prepare them for what was ahead for their daughter, she added.

Besides helping her come to terms with the massive lifestyle change she's undergoing, her fellow hosts have been offering words of wisdom on the practical stuff of just being in front of a lense every day.

“(They told me) to talk to the camera as if it's your friend,” she said. “The audience are kids just like you. It should be very conversational.”

She admits that all of this is “overwhelming” but she's thankful that MuchMusic has been “nothing but welcoming” to her as she gets her bearings.

“It's a big learning experience.”

But while it's a lot of change in little time, she hopes that her journey gives others some inspiration.

“I reached a dream and if you keep working hard and just do your best…this is a prime example,” she said.

But before she can take over TV, she's has to tackle other obstacles — like doing her own laundry and her fear of escalators, which pop up everywhere in the big city.

“It's going to be a fun little run!”
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